Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Where does Trump Get His News? The Wackadoodles on Fox News. By Geniusofdespair

I did borrow the word "wackadoodles" from Maureen Dowd's column. Perfect description.

I have been disturbed about Donald Trump lately. I read his Tweets in the morning. When he has had something thrown at him he instead tries to blame, Obama, Clinton, etc.

Note to Donald Trump: They are irrelevant. You should have moved on. You are now in charge. But, as the person in charge you have responsibility. I know it will seem brash to say it but I can read the tea leaves. You celebrated trashing the climate change agenda of your predecessor with Coal Miners, but you did so, ignoring the canary in the coal mine. Climate is changing radically worldwide. I wrote about it yesterday.

Let's look at India, the second only to China in population. In February they experienced their hottest temperature in a decade for that month: 90.32 degrees. In May of last year they recorded the hottest temperature ever: 124 degrees. Worse, it is humid in India (which effects the body's  ability to cool itself).  Rising temperatures cause crop failures.

Many Indian Farmers Are Committing Suicide Over Crop Failure
The Coast of India is in trouble from sea level rise, endangering a half a billion people (more than the entire population of the US). Half the population of India live in poverty. India has the highest number of people in the world without safe drinking water.

People in India Getting Drinking Water

According to Wikipedia, there were 1.5 to 4 million deaths during the 1943-44 Bengal famine. So I am thinking, shitty drinking water, crop failures, blistering temperatures -- what will happen in India in the near future if temperatures continue to rise? Migration? We only have 20 million people at risk of starving to death in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and South Sudan. We could have over a billion if India enters the mix.

Let's get that coal industry back on track. We need to warm the planet more. India needs us to get it hotter over there. Go ahead Donald, continue to listen to the Wackadoodles at Fox instead of getting a broad picture of what is happening in the world.

Dark snow in Greenland. Dark colors absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it.


Anonymous said...

Trump has no concept of anything long term, he seems to only look at dollar signs in the short run. Even then his logic is flawed with climate change. Instead of creating new jobs with new technology, he goes back to 19th century energy at everyones expense in the long run.

Unknown said...

He and his minions are simply a disaster. I just don't think he gives a hoot.

Anonymous said...

We step back as one generation gets its last stab at destroying the earth and making more money before they leave. Trump and all his secretaries are just a step away from eternity and given their ages, will be off the scene shortly. The question is will the next generation be ready to clean up their messes after they leave and get us back on track?