Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Inner Light. By Geniusofdespair

Drought and famine are facing Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen. Syria's drought is the worst they had in 900 years.

That got me thinking (Oh, No when I think you are in trouble).

This was the most popular episode on the series and Patrick Stewart's favorite.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek, in an episode called the Inner Light, was hit by a beam and is zap unconscious. It was only minutes on the enterprise but Jean Luc lives a lifetime as Kamin, having children etc., on Kattan a dying planet. The planet is experiencing a worldwide drought. We see he lives a happy life -- to old age.

Apparently, not having the technology to find another planet, the race launches a probe with their memory for someone to find, so that the people of Kattan and their way of life would not be forgotten:
One day, while playing with his grandson, Kamin is summoned by his adult children to watch the launch of a rocket, which everyone seems to know about except him. As he walks outside into the glaring sunlight, Kamin sees Eline and Batai, as young as when he first saw them. They explain that he has already seen the rocket, just before he came there. Knowing that the planet was doomed, the planet's leaders placed the memories of their culture into a probe and launched it into space, in the hope that it would find someone who could tell others about their species. Picard then realizes the entire context: "Oh, it's me, isn't it?", he says, "I'm the someone...I'm the one it finds."
Jean Luc plays the flute while on the planet, this is the song (as usual, watch the damn video and think of the 124 degrees in India last May, and they were hit with a drought as well. Where are over a biliion people going to go?):

Is this to be for us as well? Or will Waterworld be our future?


Barbara Falsey said...

Beautiful and so sad.

Anonymous said...

These climate change deniers in power in both our state and federal governments are chasing the $ at a tremendous cost to the citizens. The not dumb, but ignorant voters who support these elected officials and vote them into office at some point will see the light. Hopefully, before it is to late to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I have given up on them. I think they have given up on life and like Jim Jones followers have their glasses ready for poison-laced kool-aide. The problem is instead of just checking out on their own, they want to kill us and destroy the earth along with them.