Friday, March 24, 2017

At Noon Norman Braman got a Rowdy Bunch of Us, and not to Buy a Bentley. By Geniusofdespair

Protesters outside Norman Braman's Bentley dealership.
Activist Marvin Dunn organized a rally at Norman Braman's dealership today at noon. About 40 people were there. Here is Dunn's original letter to the Miami Herald:
Glenn Terry at Rally
Where’s Marco?

Several weeks ago, representing a group of about 50 people, I sent a letter to the senator’s office requesting a meeting. The letter was ignored. I sent another letter that also was ignored. This is unacceptable from an elected official.

Consequently, our group, Team Preserve America, is sponsoring a “Where Is Marco?” rally just after noon Friday, March 24 at the Braman car dealership at 2020 Biscayne Blvd., in downtown Miami. Norman Braman gave millions to Rubio in his failed bid for the presidency and remains one of his chief financial supporters. That makes Braman a player. We hope that Braman can convince Rubio to come out of hiding and meet with his constituents.

It is regrettable that citizens have to do this in order to be heard by their representatives in Washington.

Photo By Kathy Hersh, Marvin Dunn is on the right pointing to Braman's sign.
Braman gave tens of millions to Rubio's presidential campaign -- now as Senator he is Mr. Missing in Action. It makes sense that Billionaire Norman can pressure him since we sure can't get a meeting. He even has Rubio's wife doing part time work (for probably $1,000 an hour).  Isn't your wife Irma a Democrat Norman? Maybe we should be talking to her Mr. Braman. OMG, I just looked at her donations, gave me the shivers,  she is so far from a Democrat although she did donate to Patrick Murphy when he was running against Alan West.


Anonymous said...

Bravo for getting out on a rainy day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone for doing the hard work of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know when and where I need to go to protest. Have sign, will travel. BOb Welsh, SMIami

Anonymous said...

^ I would like to come to any Bob Welsh protests... He should do a protest tour...