Saturday, March 25, 2017

Demonstrating 101: The sign should match the purpose of the rally. By Geniusofdespair

Sign that was targeted, prepared for the event.
If you are demonstrating to ask Norman Braman to influence  MARCO RUBIO to meet with you, your sign should say something close to that.  YOU NEED TO MAKE NEW SIGNS FOR EVERY DEMONSTRATION.  It is not one sign fits all. People wanted to know why you were in front of Braman's Bentley Dealership. After all, people on the street and inside the dealership might not know that Braman gave Rubio Millions and Millions of dollars to fund his failed Presidential campaign and certainly has the ability to influence him.  This was a very good strategy to put pressure on Braman but competing signs didn't help. If you arrange a demonstration, makes signs the night before.

Get a few pieces of oak tag and one large magic marker and keep it on hand. You will need it.

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Anonymous said...

We really should do a workshop on civic demonstrations... people have become too lazy with social media...