Monday, December 12, 2016

OMG: The Alt-Right Movement in America. By Geniusofdespair

I really put my computer in jeopardy to go to some of these sites. I am probably all cookied up by White crazies.  (see my post yesterday even their T Shirts look mainstream and are sold as Viking shirts by the mainstream companies).  

Exactly how big will Alt-Right become? Could it become a Mainstream of the Republican party like the Tea Party or is the Tea Party already blended into the Alt-Right movement?

Alt-Right is the white supremacists new re-branding name. Gone are the white sheets with pointy hoods, now they call themselves Republican and let their faces show. Here are some clips from one of their online newspapers.

The white supremacists "Glorious Leader"
How Alt-Right was formed from the Daily Stormer. See more below*

These Alt-Right people really like Trump. Here he is standing on a bunch of dead heads, skulls to be exact. It says Jews, Muslim and Mexican on the skulls. Hitler is holding up an American Flag that has been changed a bit for the Tweeter in Chief.  I keep writing Alt-White by mistake. I wonder why.

More on Alt right from The Daily Stormer:

*In my view, the core identity of the current Alt-Right originates from the highly intellectual meme and trolling culture which was birthed on 4chan in the 00’s.

The birth of the internet age marked the first time in history that unlimited amounts of information were available at people’s fingertips, and courageous men began to sort through it and discuss it wherever they were allowed to.

It was on 4chan’s /pol/ that most of the core concepts of what is now the Alt-Right were figured out. Many of the key “anons” (anonymous imageboard posters) from this group were people who had previously been involved in 4chan’s /b/, which is where modern internet trolling techniques originated.

The anonymous nature of 4chan allowed for all different sorts of people to get together and discuss all sorts of ideas, without having those ideas attached to an identity of any kind (not even an internet pseudonym). Anti-Semitic and racist jokes had been a key feature of /b/, but on /pol/ the sentiments behind the jokes slowly became serious, as people realized they were based on fact. /pol/ became a haven for virulent anti-Semites and aggressive racists, and tone of the Alt-Right is drawn directly from these roots on 4chan.

On 4chan, the Jewish problem was analyzed by news junkies and history buffs, feminism was deconstructred by sexually frustrated young men, and race was considered based on the actual data on the issue. The rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP largely took place on 4chan.

More on 4Chan


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Republican Party asked this website to remove their name? What could be wrong with the party?

Anonymous said...

To Anon #1: Please, this is the GOP now; just like the Nazis were Germany. No, not every single german or every single gop'er but only a tiny minority complained even when they damned well knew and even encouraged and profited. And certainly this is Herr Trump, the Orange Nazi!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe Obama cost Hillary the election?

Geniusofdespair said...

No but the F B I release did.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the altright will sign up for the military so they can fight the wars that Trump creates. Maybe Trump will clean a lot of them out on the front lines.

Anonymous said...

The war that Trump creates? Who is calling for attacks on Russia? If you said liberals you would be 100% correct. Claire McCaskill is one.

Stay small time, you're just not ready.

Anonymous said...

Should be called All-White since that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

Why would Republicans want war with Russia when their president was helped to get elected by them? They want war with others. Maybe Mexico.

Anonymous said...

The One China situation is a shakedown. I think the NY Times said Trump owed the Bank of China $400 million. Maybe he is trying get help with this loan as a part of the negotiations on how he feels about our 40-year policy of recognizing one China.

Anonymous said...

its kind of interesting how folks get all shuck up, with the real face of the US glaringly revealed, to all in clear language, for once.

This is the face foreign country's experienced, if in the cross hair of US policy.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, the One China shakedown means he put his personal bank loan of $400 million ahead his promises to the country, and our already existing financial obligations. We already have a big deficit and owe a lot of money. Once he cuts taxes for the rich, we will have to borrow money to cover the absence of that money. If we are going to do infrastructure projects, we are going to have to borrow even more money for that too. Who do you think we already owe trillions of dollars which cover the existing deficit? Who do you think we will have to borrow even more money from to cover just these two additional initiatives? You guess it. CHINA!

So forget about his personal loan, he needs to be worried about loans for the country.

Anonymous said...

He mentions lulz: I Did it for the Lulz (also known as 4 the lulz) is a popular catchphrase used to express that one carried out a specific action for the sake of personal comic enjoyment. This is sometimes used to to explain why one has posted offensive, far-fetched or disgusting contents on image boards and discussion forums.