Friday, October 28, 2016

No One Voting? By Geniusofdespair

Early voting in progress during a Presidential Election at 5pm in the City of Miami and no one is voting? Really?

What is it with you Floridians, inclement weather scares the shit out of most of you. It is just rain. You are not going to melt. Get off your ass and go out and vote while there are no lines. I walked a mile in the rain to take this photograph. See, I didn't melt, I survived the rain.


Anonymous said...

Nice turnouts in other areas. 2600 voted at West Dade Library yesterday. Also 30 early voting sites this year as opposed to 15 and an extra week of voting. BUT moving the location from City Hall after all those years has disrupted people's routines especially poor blacks in the Grove probably accounts for dismal results at this location I guess.

Anonymous said...

This is very strange.

The Obama campaign did a very interesting thing in the last presidential election. They figured a path to the presidency that did not include FL. It was good they did. By the time our votes were counted, and reported a week after election night, the nation had already selected the president, Romney had already given his concession speech, Obama had already given his acceptance speech, and plans for the inauguration were in progress.

But, however slow we are, FL will always go with the winner. Financially, and economically, FL will never be outside the leadership of this country.

Anonymous said...

Could you pick a worse place to vote? In the Grove, it was easy to get to city hall to vote. We could walk, bike, trolly, and drive. Now, walking is out, biking is dangerous, 2 trollies to get there, and, hopefully you have a car. This location is out of the way. You can't just run out at lunch time to vote. It's a schlep!

Anonymous said...

Is this site the Historic Garage at Vizcaya? If it is, 3,496 people have voted at that site so far. The big early voting sites are West Dade Library, leading the county with 10,239 votes; Coral Gables Branch Library (9,468); North Dade Regional (8,763); and John F. Kennedy in Hialeah (8,716)

In looking at the people who have voted so far, 164,014 people have voted early, and 200,000 have voted by mail, for a total of 364,014 voters, or 27.3% of the registered voters. So almost a third of the registered voters have completed the voting process.