Friday, October 28, 2016

If you need a slate should not be voting. By Geniusofdespair


This is a part of a slate card:

do not vote yes to Amendment 1 because it says it on a slate card.

Most slate cards are phony. DO NOT LOOK AT NOR VOTE FROM SLATE CARDS, I DON'T CARE WHO PRINTED IT. They even put photos of Obama on one side to lure Democrats into believing they are righteous cards. They are paid for by bad people trying to manipulate you. For the record, I don't like party official slates either. They should do away with all slates because people get too confused between real and unregulated slates.

I have reason to believe those wicked utilities are using slate cards to have you vote yes on Amendment 1.

If you read Amendment 1, it really sounds good but it is not. All the environmental groups are against it, I am against it, if you care about the future of solar energy in our State, you should be against it too.

Carl Hiaasen of the Miami Herald said about Amendment 1:

Let the scum shine.

The solar-power amendment on Florida’s ballot is a slick, oily fraud. Promoted as a way to expand solar energy and protect residents who want it, Amendment 1 would do just the opposite.

All you need to know is who’s bankrolling the massive advertising campaign: Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy, Tampa Electric Co., Gulf Power, and a few nonprofits funded heavily by Exxon Mobil and a pair of right-wing billionaire brothers named Koch.

When is the last time they all banded together to do something wonderful for the average consumer?

These are not fans of broadening our energy choices. These are politically powerful utility and oil interests seeking to restrict and monopolize the burgeoning solar industry. The last thing they want is free-market competition. The prospect worries them so much that they’ve forked out almost $22 million to push for Amendment 1.

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