Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Marco Rubio: an assessment ... by gimleteye

In an vacuous interview with the Miami Herald on the eve of a disastrous primary result, Marco Rubio professed disbelief at the circumstances and an angry electorate. It is not so hard to understand.

Marco Rubio climbed over bodies on his way up the Republican ladder. Many of those bodies climbed up to drag him down.

By constantly reverting to rote messages, Marco sounded artificial and out of his league.

Early on, it seemed credible that Marco would act as a foil for his mentor, Jeb Bush, but Marco obeyed nothing except his own ambition.

On a scale of 1 - 10, the damage Marco Rubio did to his political career -- by whiffing his home state, Florida -- is a 10. He cannot be a credible GOP candidate for governor in 2018. Beyond that, Rubio will find that his talking points will have lost meaning to an electorate that moved on.

There was another high flying, Miami-Dade politician who had a chance at the golden ring. His name: Alex Penelas. The world had been his oyster, too. Fifteen years from now, Marco Rubio may look back and also wonder, what might have been.


Anonymous said...

He can't be a credible candidate for governor because he was not a credible senator. People in public life are watched closely. Getting elected to represent the people of the state of Florida and not showing up for work in the Senate made a huge statement about who he is. There are tons of real work to be done in the Senate. By not showing up for work, he made it clear he was just there as senator in name only, that the real work of leading the country would be done by other senators, that he just wanted the title only, the salary, the staff, and the perks. So people in the senate knew who he was. Little wonder he won no states. The position of governor is a working job. Why would anyone want a non-working governor?

Anonymous said...

I cant shake this song in my head: The witch is dead, The witch is dead,The witch is dead,The witch is dead,

Roboto looking for a job, has a nice ring to it too.

Anonymous said...

his brother-in-law's "old" line of work maybe?

Anonymous said...

Bye bye "Little Marco"!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

The only place in FL that voted for him was Miami-Dade County. Maybe he can come here and run for Mayor. If he has a good manager, he won't even have to come to work. Maybe the manager can cover the commission meetings too.