Sunday, March 06, 2016

Eye on Miami Compares Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and Rubio is Worse. By Geniusofdespair

Donald Trump might have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but Marco Rubio sports another utensil. Forked Tongue: hypocritical (for you stupid people)

I don't like Donald Trump because of what he did to the people of Doral. He bought the Doral golf course and then immediately planted big trees blocking everyone's view. He does slapp suits. He had that university that ripped off students. Although I think he got paid to put his name on it and had little to do with running it. You didn't actually think he made those ties and suits and built anything in Sunny Isles, did you? People bought his brand. Donald Trump is about making money, he sells his name.

Rubio is just like Donald Trump in many ways, like being power hungry, but Rubio has to suck up to bad people and industry giants like the Koch Brothers. He has to trade his soul because he doesn't have the money to acquire the power he seeks. Gimleteye has done a fine job of telling you how he has been sucking up to big sugar, selling out our environment, our water supply and the health of our estuaries.

To get to be the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives from 2006 to 2008, he sold out our Miami Dade County school district. Why is Marco Rubio the one blasting Donald Trump on his university when he sold out our school district depriving it of millions of dollars? Put the school issue on a scale: Donald Trump impacted a couple of dozen, Rubio's lust for power impacted nearly half a million students In our district alone. Rubio made a deal with the devil for his personal lust for power.

How did Marco Rubio sell out the tots of Miami Dade County? He changed the way schools are funded.  He gave up the Miami Dade County District Cost Differential in exchange for the Speakership. The subsidy for the Dade County school district was given because the cost of living was higher here then the rest of the State:
The New York Times reported Oct. 21 that then-State Rep. Rubio bargained for political support to become speaker of the Florida House in exchange for not opposing measures that diverted funds from large school districts like his home county of Miami-Dade to smaller districts upstate.
Once Speaker, he was able to appoint the heads of all the Committees. He had to step over Rep. Alex Villalobos to become speaker. Villalobos said that Rivera and Rubio raised $8 Million Dollars to take him out because he didn't vote the way they wanted him to. Rubio made his BFF, Sleazy David Rivera the Chairman of the Rules Committee - in my opinion the most powerful committee. Remember Rivera, he is the one who listed on his financial disclosure that he worked for USAID but they never heard of him. He was Rubio's roommate in Tallahassee and they bought a house together that had a foreclosure on it. To get some idea of their friendship watch this video of Rivera introducing Rubio. Note they are at a group headed by Anthony Verdugo, a known gay basher. Most politicians with brains boycott this group with the phony Christian name. Verdugo was named as the top homophobe by New Times.

Here is a video where RUBIO LIES TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. He said he is the son of Cuban Exiles. He is not. His parents came here on there own in 1956 before there were exiles. Rubio has now stopped the claim. But geez, you lie while at the podium in the Florida House during your Speaker Inauguration?

Many Floridians are enjoying seeing Marco Rubio shredded by Cruz and Trump. We really don't like him.  Just don't let Marco Rubio fool you. When Rubio points a finger at Trump he has 4 more toxic fingers pointing at himself.


Raul said...

I watched both videos. He is not any different from Donald Trump except he steps on his friend and the people of this great state to satisfy his own ambitition. He might be our worst U S Senator ever, not to be trusted and delinquent, using this senate post only as a stepping stone.

Anonymous said...

I recall a recent Senate hearing on Iran when Sen Rubio stated how they were our enemy. When he was told Iran was fighting ISIS in Iraq supporting the US position, he ignored the fact, and just repeated his previous statement.
Facts don't seem to matter, and the meltdown during last months debate where he repeated himself over and over again when challenged show a very empty suit not suited to be president.

Geniusofdespair said...

Last anonymous... And in the commercial bashing Trump they make Rubio out to be the foreign policy expert. Some expert!

Anonymous said...

Being a liar and an empty suit is likely an asset in the quest for the gop'er presidential nomination, but, of course, the number requirement is that all gop candidates must be somewhere to the right of Mussolini on the political scale.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Trump tackle the pervasive racism of Cuban Adjustment Act which has benefited Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz constituency. Why does Wet Foot Dry Foot does not apply to Venezuelans, Ecuadorean, Bolivians, North Koreans, Lao and Chinese, and other people under leftist, Marxist, Maiost or Leninist dictatorships. Why are Cubans special to the GOP?

Anonymous said...

After every lie Marco Rubio tells he drinks water. He keeps a glass, cup or bottle of water handy. His parents ate not exiles--drink water. The truth he cannot tell.
Loyalty is certainly not for him after Jeb mentored him he crossed him. That tells me he cannot be trusted. Will Jeb support him if he does he's a fool. I bet George W. Jeb's brother would not.
I am hoping Donald Trump will end Rubio's scam.

Anonymous said...

Marc-'ho' Rubio.