Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Julie Dick has it Soooo Right On UDB Vote Today. By Geniusofdespair

Julie Dick of the Everglades Law Center

Water, water everywhere and the Neighborhood Planning Company wants the County Commission to move the UDB for their development. Who are they? Armando Guerra, Ramon Rasco, Agustin Herran and Sergio Pino. Boy have I heard those names before. They wanted the airport at Homestead without a bid, they are prominent in the Latin Builders Association (Build at all costs) and THEY ALL are/were the directors of the failing U.S. Century Bank that consistently has been rated a zero star bank by Bauer Financial (out of 5 stars).
This was the US Century Board when the Property was purchased. ALL THE NAMES ARE THERE.

In the Miami Herald today, Julie Dick's Opinion piece was against expansion of the Urban Development Boundary for Neighborhood Planning Company (meeting requesting the expansion will be held TODAY at the County). She gave numerous reasons but here is where Julie Dick hit the mark with a sledge hammer - FLOODING:
Not only is the proposed development inconsistent with the county’s Comprehensive Development Master Plan, it flies in the face of responsible planning for sea-level rise. It is part of continuous pressure to develop outside the UDB, in most cases on land that is extremely low lying and vulnerable to sea-level rise. Neighborhood Planning Company’s proposed industrial and commercial expansion of the UDB is one of several projects in the works that would add infrastructure to undeveloped areas in the county vulnerable to sea-level rise.

Similarly, a expansion proposal for South Miami-Dade would put a landfill in the footprint of Everglades restoration in a location that will be completely inundated with two feet of sea-level rise. The landfill proposal is particularly egregious considering one of our best defenses against sea-level rise is restoration of the Everglades ecosystem.

Likewise, the proposed expansion of State Road 836 would put a major highway through the Everglades ecosystem in low-lying wetlands.

All of these projects must be stopped. Flood control in the face of rising sea levels is a challenge we have not yet figured out how to address. One thing is clear: We are struggling to find flood-control solutions for the existing urban footprint. We cannot afford to bring on additional land, which will require additional flood control, to urbanized Miami-Dade County.
In the same edition of the Miami Herald Farmers complain they have standing water on their crops and are looking for aid:

"We've been through worse and never had water standing for this long" said Mike Casuely, who lost 300 acres of crops. Now picture a couple of thousand homes on that same land. Be good stewards Commissioners, don't put people in harms way.

Commissioners: HOLD THE LINE. We know that covenants are worth shit -- so do not believe them. Remember the Brown covenants? 30 Year Covenants lifted after 5 years by you guys. Some pact with the people's trust!

Water World: Terrible movie but it is a portent of our future?

It isn't often that I and Gimleteye write about the same thing (see post below). I just have more photos.


Anonymous said...

Luckily the Mayor will have to veto all this. With Raquel Regalado's lock on the Cuban vote, Gimenez will need all of the White vote and they care about this.

Anonymous said...

Politicians want their names emblazoned upon plaques that are concreted onto edifices. Those are the accolades of the position. Their names should also be placed on the dead zone properties - the failures. Voters would find a transparent trail to the culprits' poor decisions and graft would come to light. Let every project show the who did this.

Anonymous said...

Pino, Rasco, Barreto should all be in jail. Their guy Miguel De Grandy is in Tallahassee try to deform Fair Districts, part of the effort spending tens of millions in taxpayer dollars that has been judged to be illegal! Put them all in JAIL!@

Anonymous said...

Miami Herald today: "The rare concession comes after the GOP-led House and Senate spent more than $11 million in taxpayer money defending maps that have been consistently rejected by the courts as examples of the kind of political gerrymandering banned by the landmark Fair Districts provisions of the Florida Constitution."

Anonymous said...

Love Julie Dick! Very thoughtful points.

cyndi said...

Waterworld- a terrible movie but wonderful visuals