Monday, April 09, 2012

Candidate Romero Roses Runs Against David Rivera in 26th Congressional District. By Geniusofdespair

As I speculated last week, Gloria Romero Roses IS going to run against Republican Congressman David Rivera. The Miami Herald says:

After years of working in real estate, Roses, who was born in Bogotá, now manages Nexus Homes, a business that pairs up investors with Florida assisted-living operators. She and her husband, Tom Roses, have a daughter, Alexandra.

“As a real estate professional, I have seen the boom-bust cycle of our local economy that comes from our reliance on construction and housing to be the economic engine,” she said in a statement. “Florida’s growth has been stagnant coming out of this downturn in part because Congressman David Rivera has been too focused on defending himself in his ongoing scandals rather than fighting for jobs and strengthening our small businesses.”

David Rivera was called "Corrupt" by the Democratic Executive Director and I tend to agree. He is ethically challenged at best. I would vote for Gloria Romero Roses in a heartbeat. Don't complain that she doesn't live in the District. Rivera doesn't either and his legacy of positives during his political career is woefully anemic. Anyway, send her money pronto!


Anonymous said...

Too bad Saunders isn't running. He'd be good and has experience. I'm not sending money - yet, if ever. I'm not supporting the GOP, but I know nothing about this candidate other than she lives in Broward, which is fine, however, what is her platform?

Rivera should be in jail, by the way, and I can only speculate as to why he's not there! (Rubio & Bush - my best guess).

Can you get her to write something about what her plans are and how she will represent the Dist (yes, I know she doesn't have to live in it?)

What will she do to restore Everglades funding? How about dismantling NAFTA as well so our local Farmers don't go out of business, or at least, what will she do (I don't believe for a second NAFTA can be undone) to help our Ag industry in Florida and Miami Dade survive?

Thanks! These are important issues down here.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our democratic party screws up again. This lady has no chance versus Rivera. We were better off recruiting someone else from down here. She was handpicked? Democrats are deep in shit this next election. None of state candidates can raise any money! Someone please list all the dems in the stae races and money raised thus far. As genius mentioned, no $$$ no chance.

Geniusofdespair said...

Readers you don't know what you want. You clamor for non-career politicians and then when comes along you complain they have no political experience. Maria Anderson, Coral Gables commissioner for 8 years had no experience and Katy Sorenson didn't either. Wait to hear from her before you bash her.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Roses needs to start working the AB's immediately. First, she needs to call upon the Department of Justice to monitor what Mr. Rivera will do with AB voters.

"Abuelitas and abuelitos" have no clue on what the happens to their vote.

Anonymous said...

It is nice she decided to jump in, but without any prior vetting for public office her association with real estate sales and adult living facilities does not suggest it will be an easy road.

This may be the opportunity for Joe Garcia to finally win it...third time is a charm? His Dem credentials are solid and he has been through the gauntlet before without any damage...time to rally, Joe!!!

Ross Hancock said...

As a first-time candidate myself, going through that experience, let me make some sincere observations on the psychology of Democratic commentators and spectators that might be useful.

1. Nobody is good enough. A soon as you file, you are a worthless nobody who must be deluded that anyone at all would knowingly vote for you.

2. There is a name for Florida politicians who can raise credible amounts of money. We call them Republicans.

3. Miami-Dade Democrats have not won any contested seats except packed Dem districts in years. And there aren’t very many of those. We keep doing the same wrong things over and over again.

4. Since all the action has been in those Dem districts, the experience of Dems is focused on primaries, so there is a built-in Dem vs Dem mentality, and we never get past it.

5. As soon as you file, everyone says you need the advice of people who, actually, lost their own last elections.

When I met Gloria, I was tongue-tied by her poise and confidence. You will soon see what I mean. I am sure she doesn’t much care what the commenters on this blog think at this point. She will be a great congressional representative.

Like her, I am running against someone who would otherwise be unopposed. Fresen in my case. Rivera in her case.

How worthy do I have to be? I am not obviously corrupt. That alone should almost be enough, and I will meet thousands of swing voters as I continue to walk door to door, so let’s see if we can get different results for a change. You do not want to be me walking these streets this summer. So just chill.

The way it worked out, we are at 30,000 feet and I am piloting the plane. I may not be perfect, but do you want me to fly it, or do you want to hear about my resume? I have lots of frequent flyer miles. Who knows how a plane works? Who can help navigate? Let’s work together to get where we need to go.

Gloria is flying the congressional district plane. Let’s stop griping and give her a hand. The last pilot tried to crash the thing. We can do better.

Anonymous said...

Ross: Good for you and I appreciate anyone running for public office anywhere, especially newcomers.

However, as a previous poster wrote:

"It is nice she decided to jump in, but without any prior vetting for public office her association with real estate sales and adult living facilities does not suggest it will be an easy road. "

Which is why I will remain on the sidelines. Do you understand the issues with the ALF's, and do you understand the problems with the RE industry here in the deepest South end of the County or the building moratorium in the Keys? These are very relevant issues and current issues, not anything to do with any party.

Anonymous said...

I will take an unqualified DEM. over a corrupt REP. every time and BTW,I am an "R"

Anonymous said...

Damn I hope she can win!

Grillo said...

Gloria is a very nice lady who would probably do well in an election in Broward County. She was contacted by the same sages who tried to resuscitate Alex Penelas after throwing Louis Garcia under the bus.

I guess CD26 doesn't have any qualified Democrats of any ethnicity who could take on the incumbent.

Another case of snatching defeat out of the mouth of victory.

Anonymous said...

First number is $$ raised this qtr. Second number is Total thus far. Padron in 112 gave himself a 50,000 loan and I hear Dominguez can write himself a six figure check as well. The Rodriguez kid has 47,000 and barreiro will surely raise some $$$ going forward. looks like its going to be a heck of a race!Hancock is dead in the water with only 1205 thus far versus Fresen.

Bodin, Amory (REP) $1,658 $2,658
Fresen, Erik (REP)
Gonzalez, Eduardo (REP) $6,650

Hancock, Ross (DEM) $1,205 $1,205
112 Barreiro, Gustavo A. (REP) $8,491 $8,491
Dominguez, Alejandro (DEM) $3,850 $6,950
Padron, Eric Cecilio (REP) $3,000 $3,000
Rodriguez, Jose Javier (DEM) $20,970 $47,365

Anonymous said...

Fresen raised $6,250 in the first quarter.