Friday, January 27, 2012

Who is Paying Attorney Stephen Cody To Disrupt Meetings in Miami Lakes? By Geniusofdespair

Stephen Cody Represented Natacha Seijas during the Recall.
The big question always comes down to: Who is paying Stephen Cody? He doesn't appear to do work when he isn't paid. He charged Natacha Seijas and her PAC's a small fortune over the years. He has had a shadow client before like he has in Miami Lakes. He tried to get Eugene Flinn thrown out of the District 8 County Commission race. Who paid him for that? No one knows.

We have an example of the importance that Cody puts on getting paid in a recent (4/13/2011) Florida Bar "Admonishment" where he was fined about $2,000 for minor misconduct. In the complaint, even though he had a $5,000 retainer, he did not answer calls from his client so she stopped paying 2 installments due. In return, he says for NON-PAYMENT, Cody then failed to send his client correspondence advising his client of the status of the appeal. In Cody's signed admission he stated:
"Respondent (him)  failed  to  send  written  correspondence  to Vazquez advising her of the status of the appeal and/or his failure to file the appeal due to her nonpayment."
 So why is Stephen Cody in Miami Lakes snapping photos and passing out 15 pages of stuff, most of it dismissed ethics complaints (deemed frivolous), at a meeting in Miami Lakes?  Kevin Morejon, a 20 year resident said he wanted to know.

Kevin said he went to the meeting held by Mayor Pizzi with 75  to 100 of his neighbors.
Pizzi was having the Town Meeting at the Royal Oaks Park Community Center  on January 17th at 7:00 pm. The topics were public safety, park and lake issues for homeowners in Miami Lakes. The town of Miami Lakes is a very long way from Cody's Palmetto Bay office. When people arrived, they were confronted by Stephen Cody, and some workers he brought with him, according to Kevin Morejon. He said Cody and his crew confronted everyone going into the meeting and passed out a  bunch of pages with an unflattering photo of Mayor Pizzi stapled on the front.  According to Pizzi the content of the pages were an old ethics report of false allegations against him. He said the multiple page flyer cut off the portion of the report that said that these were allegations from years ago and that they were all dismissed.

Morejon said that he didn't know who the group were crashing the meeting, until he heard an employee call the man in the blue shirt Mr. Cody. He said they were disturbing the residents and they were unprofessional. Morejon said "I thought it was wrong that they gave under-age kids the stapled papers.  Mr. Cody was taking numerous photographs too. I thought he was a photographer at first. My guess is he took 25 to 30 snapshots. It was very disruptive." Apparently for a time he was blocking the view of  Mayor Pizzi as he was talking, filming or snapping photos.

Morejon said, after I revealed Cody was an attorney: "Now you tell me he is an attorney. If he is a lawyer, I am surprised he was doing that.  Some residents left because they were scared." Then I said to Kevin: "What would you think if I told you that he was Natacha Seijas' lawyer?"  He said: "I would freak out. Why would she stoop to his level if she sent him? She might as well have been there herself giving out the papers." He said a lot of people ripped up the papers in front of Cody.

I also spoke to Mary Collins, of Miami Lakes who, like Morejon, wanted to know why Cody was in Miami Lakes. She said, "Why is Cody so interested in Miami Lakes he doesn't even live here?" Good question. If I had, to guess, this is who I think is paying Cody.  I told Mary that he was once Natacha Seijas's attorney. She said: "I didn't realize he was her lawyer but I did not sign that recall petition."

 Kevin assured me his is not helping Pizzi's campaign for reelection but he said he will vote for him because of what he has done for the Town. He said "More police are out there, the mayor came through stepping up and doing his duty, protecting Miami Lakes Residents.  Mayor Pizzi made Miami Lakes better, he is accomplishing goals and he tells the truth."

Kevin Morejon had one final thought: "I think Mr. Cody's behavior should be reported to the Florida Bar."

Another Bar complaint Cody?? Wasn't one enough?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Cody ever tire of involving himself in District 13?

Anonymous said...

Someone is washing his hand. Whose hand is HE washing??

HoseA said...

The Dentist has to be paying for him to travel to Miami Lakes. Cody had to spend a few hours on the trip and the meeting. Lawyers don't work for free.

Anonymous said...

The conduct of this attorney reveals why he has sunk so low. He appears not to be well. He is destructive, not constructive.

BTW, He does not have a Palmetto Bay office. He works out of his home. It must be nice for the neighbors knowing that they live in an area where single family homes serve a dual purpose of light office. How many clients come to his home office?

The question is whether he is a legal has-been or a never-was. His hourly rate must be really cut rate if he is now serving as his own distribution clerk.

His poor family. He should be working hard to make them proud and to provide for their personal and medical needs, not out humilitating them for table scraps.

Anonymous said...

I thought he worked for Miguel de Grandy.

Anonymous said...

He did at one time.

Anonymous said...

The connection with the MDX issue: the rejection of responsibility for enforcing laws leave local citizens to the local wolves. This is what happens when corporations are 'persons' and only the richest can afford to run (buy) political office.

Anonymous said...

Cody is facing Florida Bar grievance committee review next week, having violated 5 rules of professional conduct, on an entirely different case. This idiot is an embarassment to the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

... somebody give him a pointy hat and shoes with jingle bells on them.I smell a photoshop in our future! Can we have one, mummy, please?

Anonymous said...

Cody is one of the worst attorneys I have had the pleasure to watch during trial. de Grandy can't be far away as Cody is too stupid to get these "jobs" on is own.