Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dentist Dave Bennett: Nuisance in Miami Lakes. By Geniusofdespair

Dr. Dave Bennett Talking to Natacha Seijas' Lawyer Stephen Cody
I have to say without even knowing this dentist I don't like him. At the Natacha Seijas trial where she tried to stop the recall he was there -- in support of Seijas. I snapped his photo.

In February 2011 he tried to steal the name of  Vanessa Brito's Miami Voice. He is just a nuisance and a troublemaker in my book. With Michael Pizzi up for reelection he is banking on throwing a wrench into Town Politics. It was reported that he is hosting non-sunshine meetings attended by Miami Lakes council members at eating establishments. I was even told that Terry Murphy, Natacha Seijas's former Chief of Staff, was in attendance. Ick. Come on Bennett, Seijas's reign of terror is over she has been recalled, thanks to Vanessa Brito.

I do have a good never told Seijas' story. An environmentalist told me last week that she went to a meeting with Natacha. The whole time Seijas held a stuffed manatee to her chest petting it, like the James Bond's villain Blofeld.  Over the years Natacha bragged she ate manatees in Cuba to any environmentalist in earshot. The environmentalists at the meeting went on with their presentation totally ignoring her rude behavior. Could you picture her being that disrespectful to a rock miner?

Seriously Miami Lakes and your councilmen, can you really be listening to Bennett?


Ross Hancock said...

Defede once called her "the Cruella DeVil of Biscayne Bay" for her manatee animus.

Anonymous said...
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Geniusofdespair said...

I didn't call anyone a criminal did I...you can't call anyone a criminal unless you have proof they are a criminal.

Terry Murphy said...


Don’t read too much into my civic participation. I walked to Shula’s Hotel from my home to hear the Graham Company spokesperson and the private security firm report about the Christmas Day ruckus. From what I heard, I will not be putting my life at risk by going to the movies on Main Street.

Your continuing interest in my activities is flattering. Would you like to meet for coffee sometime?

Geniusofdespair said...

I would like to hear what you thought of the other part of the post.

Terry Murphy said...

OK, since you asked, I will tell you my thoughts on the rest of the post.

Dr. Bennett has a unique capacity to voluntarily endure hours and hours of Town Council meetings. He dutifully tracks, records, and posts his reports on the Town Council. Labeling him a nuisance and feigning offense on behalf of a 12-year incumbent elected official is a bit surprising. I thought you would consider the good doctor a kindred spirit for persistently trying to keep an elected official honest.

The other part of your post regarding Blofeld was pretty funny. A good sense of humor is important in life. Believe it or not, some people occasionally laughed at the over-the-top comments about manatees made by former Commissioner Seijas. Not everyone appreciates dark humor, and I am sure many of your readers will remain perpetually offended by some of her more outlandish statements. Despite the cynical comments, the Manatee Protection Plan became law with her vote. In the end, being there and voting is what it is all about.

I would still like to have coffee and discuss the massive landfill expansion that is being thrust upon the residents of our most industrial municipality. Invite some of your environmental friends to join us.

Geniusofdespair said...

Bennett's support of your former boss and his attack on Miami Voice and Vanessa Brito -- putting aside all the Pizzi stuff, makes him a nuisance in my book and sending out untrue emails (like the Opa Locka one) is against what I believe in: not misleading the public.

Anonymous said...

Well played GOD...By the way I no longer have a Pet Rock.

SayHoss! said...

Bennett's e-mail blast about Opa-locka Airport's commercialization really ticked me off when it was revealed that it was only an audit report about something else. I have concluded that he is a former part of her body - a flake off of her fat head!