Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Genting's 'Resorts World' N.Y.: My Field Trip. By Geniusofdespair

Yes, I actually went to the Genting Casino in New York on Christmas Day. And, yes, that is pathetic but I did it for you readers. Note the ornate main entrance...not.
As you can see, the casino was loaded with high rollers.

The place was gigantic. This is about the middle of one floor.
This is where I got the wonton soup with SQUID in it. Ick.
Really big screen and the Heat game was on. God is good.
This is proof, I was there, I gambled and I won $9.

The gambling facility actually looks a little like the Miami Herald building. Look at all those high roller cars.

This Genting Resort was definitely filled with working class people, local people. It is really close to the airport so I suggest you go here rather than wait for a plane at the airport.  There were more Chinese people at this casino than you normally see in New York. I was surprised at the percentage. The New York Resorts World Casino was not classy by any stretch of the imagination. It was like a Target or a Walmart casino. And, most of the people eating were doing so at the buffet or food court. Even in the bar you had to drink out of tacky soft plastic cups.  They did have an area for higher betting -- still slots. It was pretty empty.  I saw $2 machines in that area but no rich looking people. Everyone in the place looked economically equal. The age to gamble in New York is 18 but 21 to drink. Odd. As it got later it got more crowded. I arrived about 3 pm and left about 6 pm.

Yes, this is how my Sambuca came. That little in a soft carcinogenic, plastic cup.

Resorts World New York does provide some much needed nightlife for Queens, New York. I give it a thumbs up for New York as long as the people don't spend over $20 gambling. Too bad that will never happen.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, GoD. How depressing. The "high roller cars" in the parking lot had me laughing, though. The Genting palace in NY definitely had the look of a losers convention. Imaging how tacky the actual development on Biscayne Bay will be...it will have all the glamor of the Opa-Locka Flea Market. We need to send these con-men packing. Miami does not need this.

Geniusofdespair said...

These were not loser people, well, maybe except for me. The people at this facility looked like a nice crowd of hardworking people looking for some fun and glitz. I just hope they didn't spend too much of their hard earned money. I did enjoy watching the Heat game here. And, I would go back to the Casino if my plane is delayed.

Anonymous said...

I can see the "downtown" crowd mixing with the Chinese high rollers! Add in the crowds from the neighboring "hoods" in to the mix plus alcohol, the gun fights in the parking lot and drug use, a good time had by all (I'm referring to Miami)! Downtown Miami will have record DUI arrests, hopefully no one will get killed by one of the patrons. If our legislature was so bought and paid for, it would be laughable, but there's a human toll this will all take on various levels, nevermind the total road chaos!

Mayor Cindy Lerner said...

Kill the bill in FL. Take back our community! The Village of Pinecrest, City of Miami Beach and South Miami have all passed Resolutions opposing the destination casino bill. Ichallenge every other municipality in Miami Dade to do the same and let our delegation know how strongly we feel. If you are against this bill, contact your city council, Mayor and Commissioner as well as your legislator and let them know. That's what I did. I also asked other Mayors to join me, but they will want to hear from their.own constituents. Letsget the word out there.

Anonymous said...

NY gets 65% of the casino money and Genting is still making $$$. How can the FL bill get the state 10%. Who is getting paid off for such a discrepancy.

Gimleteye said...

Great post. It made me itch for Magic City Casino.

CATO said...

Hey G.O.D. Was that Charles Buckowski sitting at the bar in front of the TV? Great crowd..... NOT (You excluded of course).

Anonymous said...

Do you trust a company that would build a Warehouse looking building in New York to do a decent job here? Send these pictures to all the county commissioners.

CATO said...

That is ABSOLUTE CLASS Sambuca (one of my favorites) in a plastic cup, hope you didn't try to spark up your coffee beans.And these are the folks that are going to bring world class tourism to Biscayne Blvd? CAN'T WAIT!

Let me guess they had twist top champagne and wine bottles too,MD 20/20, Martini and Rossi and Boones Farm ;-). Plastic fork and knives? Paper plates?

Wait I think you have exposed the Chicom plot to take over the US ... carcinogenic plastic cups.

Make it rain baby!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Genius! Always working for us.

Mayor Lerner, forget about sending the pictures to the Miami Dade commissioners. You are under the misconception that they'd have as much brain as those pols in New York. In New York they learned how to steal early and are masters at it.

In Miami, they're not smart enough to even know how to steal without getting noticed.

I live in Homestead. Can you imagine Bateman not wanting casinos in Miami? I bet he will be the first one forcing his way through the door at the grand opening.

But you may be right!

Come on Homestead. What say we give it a try? Maybe we can ask the council members to offer a resolution. The four to contact are Councilmembers Patricia Fairclough-McCormick, Judy Waldman, Steve Shelly and Vice Mayor John Burgess. Maybe Jimmie Williams will help too, seeing as how he is a minister!

Let us ask our families, friends and neighbors to send e-mails. Also don't forget to ask the businesses! You can get the address on the City of Homestead website.

Send e-mails and call also!

Let us at least try!

Anonymous said...

There will be gambling in south florida. Does anyone other than the same old tird group of individuals who dont want gambling because a few people have a gambling problem, who cares about those people I dont and you should not either. What about all the evil female escorts who advertise in the Miami Herald and what about all these massage palors I guess these services must be ok in their eyes but gambling is just so evil that we all will go to hell if gambling is passed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Homestead the track will soon morph into the Miccosukee South Casino. That deal is done and nobody knows about it. This was all done during the Shiver and Warren years.
They want to give the Turkey Point workers somewhere to drop their paychecks every weekend. Couple more years and FPL will have 15,000 employees putting in more reactors for a total of four. Speaking of tools, Bateman would worm his way in dropping names like he is somebody.

Anonymous said...

Hey if Miami proves anything: we love a grand opening! Free champagne on da house!

Anonymous said...

This Casino "resort" reminds me of one I went to about 15 years ago in Nevada, just over the AZ border. Cheap and sleazy! Plastic cups? Are you kidding me?

As to the Homestead comments, anyone with an IQ high enough to read at a grade school level could have seen through the Speedway expansion for what it was. One would just have to pay attention to who was saying what at the hearings, it was telling. Here's the key comments - during the week, they'd only be open "at night" for "special events" and the fact that attendance is dismal, except for their cheerleader, Lynda Bell and her herd of kids and grand kids.

Yes, Homestead would love the Casino's down here and they now have the perfect place in the mniddle of farmland to put one in. Add to that their idea of an Air Show at the Air Base (which the Army has an issue or two with), but the problem is, it's still Homestead! "Stupid is as Stupid does"!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that churches are getting an exemption from making political contributions so long as they put slot machines in their lobbies?

bambi said...

Can we really expect invertebrates to protect inveterates?

Alexander said...

ok last time I checked the US was still a free country with a FREE MARKET ECONOMY. Now You argument of increased crime and south beach becoming a ghost town contradict each other. And I will tell you why. If you say that crime will increase you have to admit that the amount of people visiting Miami will increase, and if the amount of people visisting Miami increases overall, then Miami beach doesn't become a ghost town. Now if the amount of people visiting Miami doesn't increase, and all the tourist decide to hide themselves inside the casino and not enjoy our beautiful beaches (which is unlikely to happen), then crime will not increase, if anything it will diminish, because it is easier controlling security inside a resort like this than controlling security on the streets.Reminder: Capitalism is based on free market, that's a principle that should not be violated.But comparing the benefits to the supposed "destructive effects" we have the following: we have an initial investment 3+ Billion dollars in Miami. Half or more of that money will go to construction workers and companies in Miami. After it is built Miami will have an state of the art international attraction, which is likely to increase the flow of tourism to the city, given that the image of the city will improve dramatically in the eyes of the world. And now lets put the bad together with the good and see what happens: The following is the worse case scenario. Imagine that the casino indeed make others hotels and business not profitable. The workers of these business are gonna simply transfer to the new hotel. The owners will simple invest their money in something else. (maybe something that we need more like health care and education etc) In this worse case scenario (which is very unlikely to happen) you still have the advantage of 3 billion dollars investment in the city (money that is literally falling from the sky), an improved image of the city and the posibility of bringing tax revenue from las Vegas and Orlando to miami. Be careful with your arguments. Sometimes we can do a lot of damage with arguments not well thought.

Ross Hancock said...

There is nothing "free market" about destination gambling. Its viability is dependent on the fact that it is an illegal activity at home, so people travel to where it is sanctioned. As it becomes sanctioned in more and more places, it loses its luster, and we have a boom and bust, at best.

It's not the increase in petty crime that scares me. It's the distortion of our entire political economy by introducing a new outside entity as the top employer in the county.

It's trading away all alternative futures for one that is morally and aesthetically base, and unsustainable in the long run.

Is that really the best we can do?

Anonymous said...

Yup, this is the kind of low class crap that I fear might even be put out in western Miami-Dade near the turnpike and the Indians. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Of course Miami would want a resort those other Genting properties. They are amazing. They have some of the nicest resorts in the world. Miami should be honored to have such a large company offering to build an entire industry in Florida. I'm sure they will benefit but Floridians will benefit the most.