Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you know why, you are voting for who you are voting for? by gimleteye

It is extraordinarily striking-- reading the mainstream press on Florida primaries -- how miniscule the presentation of candidates' positions relative to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Astonishing that GOP candidate Rick Scott has any traction at all, given his principal role in the healthcare industry. Then, again, the majority leader in the GOP- led US Senate had been Bill Frist, another centimillionaire from the healthcare mess. (My family's healthcare premium for catastrophic insurance with Aetna just went up 15 percent, without any explanation, so I'm not inclined to charity on this count.) Then again, there is banker Alex Sink for the Democrats whose glossing over the housing boom, its causes and origins, and bust is inexplicable.

It seems that the electorate is either brain-dead or has amnesia, when it comes to recalling what interests triggered this economic calamity. Its names and addresses roughly correspond with the same special interests who are major financiers of political campaigns; from the lowest rungs of the ladder to the top. Voters are owed explanations and assessments but it is not happening. The failure of cogent, rational debate bodes very poorly for consumer confidence. Most people know quite well that while consumers are mired in debt, banks are being permitted to reload with cheap money. Even in Miami, these well-heeled financiers have names.

Let's be clear about the assessment of blame, at least, in the context of Jeff Greene: whatever questionable personal behavior you may find fault with, Jeff Greene is not to blame for making a good bet that many more of us might have made-- (or a bet that would have been far less profitable)-- if the mainstream press had done due diligence of the housing boom. A clear record of the fraud and fraudulent arguments underlying the boom and financing would have cast dark shadows where the media, instead, shone klieg lights and praise so long as they, too, got a piece of the action. Jeff Greene did not make his money like the investment banks who touted one set of investments while betting heavily against them, at the same time. He didn't make money garnering advertising revenue while supressing stories of the housing bubble fraudsters and downtown bankers and law firms that ginned up hundreds of millions doing to the market "what the market wanted".


Mensa said...

You are 100% correct. There is nothing else I can say.

Geniusofdespair said...

I opt for: Brain Dead.

Anonymous said...

The few politicians who you can be proud of are dwarfed by the corrupt ones. There is too much apathy and with no good reason for it other than you have TO VOTE the bad policy makers out when you have the chance. Yes it is also critically vital not to let them in initially. Hard to get rid of once in. ie: Dorrin Rolle


Anonymous said...

Everyone running seems to have a vein of corruptness and or unethical behavior.I don't know who the lesser of all evils might be, don't even feel like voting for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Saludos a todos, mi ingles es demaciado malo para poder expresarme, lo siento.

Hoy me dio' por dedicarle unos minutos a informarme sobre quienes estan en la boleta, que promete cada candidato, y ver en cual distrito estoy segun por lo que se vote.

Estoy afiliado al Partido Democrata pero soy muy conservador, los que me conocen dicen que estoy en el partido equivocado. Es que soy un maverick.

Ya pude formarme un criterio bastante completo de como votar, he tenido suerte. Comprendo que estoy muy lejos aun del ideal, pero tambien estoy asi de lejos de la media de los cuidadanos.

Por ejemplo, veo que no hay buen criterio de Alex Sink, yo ni se quien es, pero tienen solo un adversario, Brian P. Moore, comunista a morir. Pues Alex Sink se lleva mi voto. Esto es mucho mejor que no votar o votar por Brian P. Moore por error.

Jeff Greene, me resulto el mas cercano a mis deseos, conozco solo lo que el dice en su webpage, pero los demas se alejan.

Les quiero decir que si bien, mi forma de votar (realmente mi primera vez) no es buena, lo entiendo. No esta' mala, ya que si muchos pudieran al menos hacer lo que yo he hecho, los electos se aproximarian mas a los deseos del pueblo.

En este sentido, siempre he pensado, que para los poco atentos como yo, que somos muchos, existiera un webpage donde se pudier saber con mucha facilidad y rapidez a que distrito perteneces, segun lo que se vaya a votar, como va a influir tal eleccion en nuestras vidas del dia a dia, la relacion de todos los candidatos con sus issues, y hasta si fuera posible lo que ellos argumentan entre si de los otros. Pero eso si RESPETUROSAMENTE, ES DECIR SIN DAR OPINIONES, SOLO MOSTRANDO LOS HECHOS, PARA DEJAR QUE CADA CUAL PIENSE LO QUE MEJOR DESEE.

Y todo esto que sea facil y rapido de revisar, entonces pienso que:

1ro- Muchos ira'n a ese webpage a informarse y hasta se animen a votar (que por cierto, pienso que esa es una de las causas por las que muy pocos van a votar, ya que no tienen la forma facil de informarse).

2do- Las votaciones se acercaran mas a los deseos del pueblo y no al de los intereses especiales.

Esta idea se la di a Julio Robaina, y le gusto', me dijo que eso favoreceria incluso a los que no tienen muchos recursos financieros, ya que serian facilmente conocidos por muchos.

Bueno, hasta aqui. Este blog lo acabo de encontrar y me parece muy bueno. Muchas gracias a los que lo mantienen al dia.


Geniusofdespair said...

Google translation of above:
Greetings everyone, my English is way too bad to be able to express myself, sorry.

Today I gave 'for taking the time to find out about those who are on the ballot, each candidate promises, and see in which district so I am seconds to vote.

I am affiliated with the Democratic Party but I am very conservative, those who know me say I'm in the wrong party. Am I a maverick.

It was able to form a fairly complete view of how to vote, I was lucky. I understand that I am far from perfect yet, but I'm also so far from average citizens.

For example, I see no wisdom of Alex Sink, I do not know who he is, but have only one opponent, Brian P. Moore, communist die. Then Alex Sink has my vote. This is much better than not voting or voting by Brian P. Moore by mistake.

Jeff Greene, I find the closest to my wishes, I know just what he says on his webpage, but the others away.

I want to say that although my way to vote (actually my first time) is not good, I understand. It is not 'bad, because if many could at least do what I have done, those elected will more closely approximate the wishes of the people.

In this sense, I always thought that for little heed as I, who are many, there was a webpage where repudiation know very easily and quickly to belong district, according to what is going to vote, as this will influence choice in our lives from day to day, the ratio of all the candidates with their issues, and even if possible what they argue with each other. But yeah RESPETUROSAMENTE, ie without GIVE VIEWS, JUST SHOWING THE FACTS, TO STOP THINKING THAT IS WHAT EVERY BEST WISH.

And all this that is easy and quick to review, then I think:

1st-Many ira'n this webpage to inform and to be encouraged to vote (which by the way, I think that's one reason why very few will vote, as they are not as easy to find).

2nd-The votes were closer to the wishes of the people and not special interests.

This idea gave it to Julio Robaina, and she loved it, 'he said it would encourage even those who do not have many financial resources as it would easily known by many.

Well, see here. This blog and I just found it very good. Thank you very much to those who keep up to date.

Anonymous said...

This is America George, so learn the language so you can speak and write it!!! This blog is on American shores---so live up to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you, I will try.