Friday, January 04, 2008

Vile Natacha On The Road Again! By Geniusofdespair

Just back from India, Vile Natacha Seijas is going out of town on our dime again, I would suppose with a gaggle of ass-kissing guys to carry her bags (also on our dime). This time she is headed to a Business Development Mission to Emerging Economies: Warsaw, Prague and Istanbul. Save the dates: May 20th to 31st. It should be a blast and it will be first class all the way! These "Missions" are such a scam. And wouldn't these places like to know that they have: "Emerging Economies." According to Wikipedia: "Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic center of the Czech state for over 1100 years."

Miami Herald: Can you spring for a reporter to go? And, Harry Emilio Gottlieb, thanks for the Polish Dancer graphic!


Anonymous said...

She is so vile I would expect she would repulse potential visitors. And why does she travel so often?
Can't she stay in Miami and learn our problems?

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it the responsibility of the County Manager to authorize these Seijas trips?
If so, then isn't he at fault for permitting them to take place?
Isn't he then responsible for stopping the waste of taxpayer’s money if these trips are not of benefit to our community?
But perhaps his logic is that the more time Seijas spends out of town the better it is for all of us!

Anonymous said...

Butt..... She is the County manager's office! Seijas has always been a big supporter of anything to do with travel, sister cities etc and now its payback time she has decided.

Anonymous said...

If Burgess has anything to do with these junkets, it really is time for a new county manager.

Has Seijas accomplished ANYTHING on her missions to South Africa or to India other than sample fine food and hotel accommodations.

I wonder if the Jennings Law, prohibiting discussion of zoning issues by county commissioners, also applies in places like Istanbul.

It does make you realize that the public has NO CLUE what is going on in county government, except that it is mostly corrupt.

Anonymous said...

a district commissioner on a trade junket to europe. what a joke. That whole ITC is nothing but a county commisioner and staff travel bureau.
natasha in warsaw. havent they suffered enough???
I'm in for 300 dollars towards sending Genius on the junket and blogging througout...come on, lets do this!! Wonder what the price tag would be for citizens to come along. Somthering tells me we wouldnt get the same accomodations as manatee mama.

Anonymous said...

OK folks, the ITC used to be housed under the Mayor/Manager, but the Board decided to take it under their control when Penelas was being an absentee Mayor (Running for Senate).

At that time, Pepe Diaz was appointed as the chair. Later a scathing review of the ITC revealed that there were no real ways to quantify whether or not any of these "missions" were creating any real trade alliances or even any economic benefit.

As a matter of fact, some local business men (and women) who went on these junkets (paid for by the County) claimed they never did any business on the trips and all they did was drink and party. It was then alledged that the ITC was cooking it's books and making up the economic impact numbers that it was supposedly responsible for.

Pepe was subsequently replaced as chair by Natacha, and the director of the ITC was replaced.

The BCC has sole control of the staffing, budget, and direction of the ITC.

Anonymous said...

Burgess has excessive baggage and should have been let go long time ago. I was surprised when Mayor Alvarez kept him on staff. He's negligent or careless when controlling taxpayers' money; there have been so many scandals under his watch that it's amazing he's still "managing" the county. On the other hand, the BCC and now the Mayor would rather have a "rubber neck" manager than a person that will have real control over management of such a huge income-producing county. Lack of control and accountability works to their advantage, so why disturb the status quo.

Natacha's and other commissioners find in Burgess an open petty cash for their trips and other whims.

Geniusofdespair said...

Sigh...thank you not a moderate...and all the rest of you...

I will chip in to send Not A Moderate on the junket...although I have a feeling that not a moderate and natacha are not on good terms but know each other very well.

Anonymous said...

Not a Moderate is political insider...

However, I don't think Penelas was dependent on staff to run the county. He was always there somewhere and was sharp as a tack.

The current manager from in the Renfrow school of management. You do what you are told and keep your month shut if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Penelas had plenty of problems with his County Managers (four of them). It was mostly because the Managers were running their own agendas in opposition to Penelas' agenda.

Under Penelas:
Vidal - Fired
Stierhiem - Fired
Shiver - Fired
Burgess - still there

The average life span of a manager under Penelas was 2 years.

Stierhiem and Penelas couldn't stand each other.

Anonymous said...

the budget in 2004 for ITC was 1.4 mil..I wonder how much it's increased to now?
In corporate life, you always spend up to ( and more if possible ) your budget so that next year the folks on high give you more money to spend..maybe these trips are made just to keep spending the money? If there's a country out there that doesn't know Miami has an airport and a seaport, they probably don't have much business to throw our way..oh, and I will chip in 100.00 towards sending g.o.d. on this trip.

Geniusofdespair said...

All you people willing to send me money for the trip...The last thing I want to do on this earth is spend time with Natacha. Let's send a reporter at least they get paid. I think Alvarado of New Times would go...

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to send someone to blog on these trips. The Herald whines about this type of stuff but never puts up the money to send anyone. Doesn't MaClatchey have bureaus in Europe?

New Times has fun running 20 page stories on things like this. Every time they do their numbers jump.

Notamoderate is right about the ITC. It's not anything you can pin on Burgess. He probably likes having her out of the country.

I hear the Turkish prisons are lovely that time of year. Maybe someone can slip a monogrammed Mohamed teddy bear into the luggage.

Anonymous said...

Remember Burgess is from the Chamber school of managers. He was nursed at the knee of Stierheim, also a chamber man but more well-rounded than Burgess. Burgess loves those awards presented by Terry Murphy. Mayor Alvarez has dropped the ball on Burgess; either he or the mayor should be gone, gone, gone.
Alvarado needs to go on the tour. I'll put in some money!

Geniusofdespair said...

i will put up some money too for Alvarado. He would make Seijas miserable.