Friday, January 04, 2008

CHARTER REVIEW: This is unacceptable. by Geniusofdespair

It is unacceptable for the Charter Review Task Force to take so long to post their minutes. Draft minutes should be up in a few days. The last posted minutes were October 31st. I called early on and complained about minutes posting, but as you can see: Their staff doesn't care.

I've got news for you Task Force: It is our charter. If you are messing with it, at least tell us what you are doing. We want to know in a timely manner what Natacha Seijas' appointee, Miguel DeGrandy, is cooking up for us - even in draft form.


Anonymous said...

yes, where are the minutes?

Anonymous said...

if you click on the Agenda Kit for any of the meetings, its includes the minutes of the previous meeting. So technically, the draft minutes are there. If the Charter Task Force hasnt approved the minutes, for whatever reason, its not staff's fault.
Click on the agenda kit link and you'll see the minutes. I guess they are running one meeting late, but they are mostly there.