Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miami Herald: What's with the Giuliani & Ronald Bergeron Article? By Geniusofdespair

In today's paper, reporter Oscar Corral reports on an airboat ride that Rudy Giuliani took with "Everglades activist and engineering contractor" Ron Bergeron.

Is this the same Ron Bergeron described in the May 26, 2000 South Florida Business Journal article:

"Today, Bergeron owns multiple businesses including Bergeron Land Development, the largest road contracting and site development business in the state; Bergeron Sand Rock and Mining, which produces materials for development companies; and Bergeron Properties, a real estate company that develops housing communities, shopping centers and industrial parks."

I think we deserved a better description of which Ron Bergeron this is, I want to know. Is this also the Bergeron that jumped on top of an alligator? The Herald makes him sound like a Marjory Stoneman Douglas when, if this is the same "Ron", this is very, very far from the truth. Is he the rock miner, Oscar?

We have written about a Ron Bergeron before, enter name in the "search blog" at top. Are there a bunch of Ron Bergeron's?


Anonymous said...

If I had just read the Herald Article I would have believed that this man Ron was a true environmentalist. I wish they had gone a little more into his background. Maybe this was a photo op?

Anonymous said...

I practically jumped out of my SKIN when I read that this took forever through it's so ridiculous it's funny in a sad way tears to explain the MAJOR error to my significant other. Perhaps we should publicly invite Ron to do some REAL advocacy for the Everglades like..start with a pledge not to seek movement of the UDB or file new rock mining permits in Miami-Dade.

out of sight said...


Calling all reporters!

Do your homework please. Use the internet please.

And for gosh sakes, DON"T believe everything you are told! Check it out! That used to be part of your job! (of course, with your editor in India, they can't really get a grip on what your story is about! Duh, the Herald)


out of sight said...


Speaking of Reporting:

I find it offensive (or very ignorant) that Miami Herald saw fit to run a lead article and giant photo on B1 to celebrate Jose Marti (Marti really is not your average American Hero), when today is a national holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King.

That article literally pushed MLK to the bottom third of page. Who is more important to us in the USA?

Can't the Herald give it a rest?


Anonymous said...

that would be my grandpa :)