Monday, January 21, 2008

Former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez will take on U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart

According to the Miami Herald, the duel is on! Two powerful men will be campaigning against each other for Congressional seat 21. Lincoln Diaz-Balart is the incumbent and Former Hialeah Mayor, Raul Martinez is the Democratic challenger.

It won't be pretty, sparks will fly, so I got this idea on how to get the aggression out. Instead of debating let's have a conga drum play-off. I saw Little Ricky Ricardo do it once with his dad. It was awesome.

This should be an election we will all remember. I can't wait. Looks like Harry Emilio Gottlieb is also watching this one (see his illustration below):


Anonymous said...

who will Natacha Seijas support?

Anonymous said...

Alvarez will support Balart. He has been tied to that family for a while.

Anonymous said...

Alvarez will be campaigning for himself this year.

Let those two Boys Duke It Out . . . alone.

Anonymous said...

I think the Diaz-Balarts are going to be in a "you're either with us, or you're against us mode".

Unlikely they are going to let a popular figure like Alvarez sit this one out. They will pressure him.

Anonymous said...

Moderate, please . . .

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else struck by the racist nature of the picture used in this post?

Should we expect a election contest between two African-American politicians to be addressed with a photoshop of the candidates faces over Steppin Fetchit's body?

Geniusofdespair said...

Ha Ha...Get real.

Both these candiates will run on who is more Cuban...this is a parody on that. And it will be a real race on that end. Remember when Jimmy Morales wasn't Cuban enough because his father was Puerto Rican (even though his mother was Cuban). This is reality.

I don't know that I have ever heard of black candidates running on a platform of who is more black...except Hllary and Barack that is.

Anonymous said...

This election will be about the Cuban Embargo:

Is it too strict? Martinez, yes.

Diaz-Balart, no.

Those are the issues folks.

Anonymous said...

As a Cuban-American, I find the depictions on the site completely offensive. I have a sense of humor and open mind, but, please...

Anonymous said...

Then you ind the candidates offensive?

I don't understand - I am a 30ish Cuban, I think it is very funny. Did you read the article in the Miami Herald today? There was reporting about Cuba policy and not much else. This election is about policy towards Cuba and who would run for this seat except a Cuban. Get your head out of the sand.

Anonymous said...

Then you FIND the candidates offensive?

Anonymous said...

These candidates stereotype themselves, the blog is not doing it. It is poking fun at them and also, I think more important, how angry we all know this election is going to get. I beieve it will be brutal.

Didn't Raul Martinez want to create his own county? How uninclusive can you get?

Sorry, Cuban reader, don't agree that this is not funny.

Anonymous said...

You wimp. You should have left it on.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yes i am a wimp. I do not want to hurt feelings of people that read this blog, unintentionally. Doing it intentionally is a different story. However Cuban Friends, think about the feelings of others.

As a child growing up, my only link to Hispanic culture was watching I Love Lucy re-runs. It was a positive experience. I liked the harried husband Desi Arnez and could relate to what a pain in the ass his American wife Lucy was.

When little Ricky was born my mother said the country rejoiced. This was the only melding of cultures you could watch on TV. And it was very natural to all. It was a good thing. Although I never like Desi's singing, but his drums were great.

Just like the Brady Bunch seemed real then. So did the Ricardo family. Don't take my old sitcoms away form me.

Anonymous said...

When I read the Herald article this morning - I thought, "The winds of change are beginning to sweep through South Florida and the elected decades-long knee-jerk Republican Cuban-American stronghold that stays in power by railing against Castro."

Run Raul, run! You may have more supporters than you know.

Anonymous said...

I am cuban, 41 years old...I did NOT find the picture offensive , yet i congratulate Genius for taking it off..and with most south florida politics, "if you take the high road, there is a lot less traffic."

What I do find offensive is that Lincoln Diaz Balart has been in offcie as long as he has and has achieved absolutely NOTHING for south florida. Sure, he kept Radio Marti funded, and may have even bought us a blimp for that purpose, but given the importance of south florida in national politics, we should have been getting our share of pork for years.
I find it offensive that my fellow Cuban Americans are complacent with this do-nothing just because he is one of u (sort of like Dorrin Rolle in his BCC district..sure, he is a crook, but he is OUR crook".
last I checked, it was the united States Congress, not the Cuban congress...Im glad that someone is finally challenging this idiot. Everytime i hear him speak, I am embarrassed that he is my representative...

Anonymous said...


First, thank you for taking the high road. I must say, usually the bongo-playing Desi Arnez depictions and referrences are usually not remembered in such a positive light elsewhere in the Country. In fact, I have had individuals from less progressive states use it as an insult, and although I found the sitcom wonderful, when it is used as a racial slur, it still stings.

You don't find that much here, but, trust me, when you travel around, you will find it. And when used to poke fun at Cuban-American politicians, I couldn't help but think that it was done for the same reason.

Long story short, thank you Genius.

Anonymous said...

To the Cuban Fred Mertz: It sounds like you are a rabid Hialeah Raul Martinez koolaid drinker. You should show a little more respect for an elected official that has worked tirelessly for this community and has tried to do it good. Its ok to disagree on issues or simply not see eye to eye with someone, but insulting people like you did is not warranted.

Anonymous said...

The real Raul Martinez:

Anonymous said...

Alvarez will go with Balart.

His family likes their family. His family campaigns for their family. He has staff that is rumored to have worked for one of the brothers.

Anonymous said...

ref my being a rabid Raul Martinez fan..wait, im still choking on that one. fact is, I NOT that thrilled that the best we can do is the ego from just glad SOMEONE is challenging this idiot..I tend to thik that his prosecution backin the day was very politically motivated, but also feel that there was a little fire in all that smoke. Im much more Anti-Lincoln than I am Pro-Raul. Furthermore, I dont even get to vote there..alas, I live in Ilean-dia.

As for showing Lincolncito, how did you put it "respect for an elected official that has worked tireledlsy..blah blah". Dude (though i suspect Dudette) , are you serious? Worked tirelessly? As Ricky would say, Chu got some 'splaining to do!

Aside from anything involving Cuba, name me things he has done, and please, dont throw a re-painting job on I95 on me. Too little, too late...He's been there how many terms, 7?

This campaign in a hard one to swallow for many. The bar is set so low though...

Anonymous said...

From a drunken challenge at John Martin's, i just had to share...

there once was a man diaz balart
for whom foam at the mouth is an art
but then came raul
and now lincoln has stool
where he usually only has farts

and mario, his brother and clone
who about nothing can go on and on
from garcia he'll get fights
and if we get it right
we'll see mario just sitting at home

there once was a man from clan Huckabee,
who is scary enough, as my luck would be
to charm with a smile, and encourage my vile
thinking bout how utterly fucked we all could be

there once was a man from my nation
who was obsessed with illegal migration
he proposed guns and walls, got a bump in the polls
and now blood money funds his election

there once was a man from Hope
who round here was more loved than the pope
but it will cause him great strife, that his candidate wife
from the nation will get one big nope

there once was a man from the mormons
whose beliefs are not what the norm is
instead of multiple wives, and creating more lives
would someone just show him what porn is

there once was a man from the white house
who is lower in my book that a mad mouse
i just thing that's its great, that in two thousand oh-eight
we will finally be rid of this louse.

with an eye on miami, a blog
where they trash the herald like dogs
there is no one harmonius
since they post as anonymous
and make spewing opinions their drug

Anonymous said...

Not bad! When you're sober, it could use a little editing!

Geniusofdespair said...

Fred Mertz: "The bar is set so low" how right you are.

and to the Poet: Hey I wrote the Herald had a great photograph Sunday! And, I have advocated that people buy the Herald on many occasions. I just want the paper to be better — when a newspaper identifies Bergeron an “Everglades Activist” there is a BIG problem with accuracy.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment gimleteye ...i was not claiming grammatical integrity...i should have practiced don't drink and write!!
Feel free to edit away...I love how you write!!

Anonymous said...


Im only having fun with you folks, I think what you do is great and I think that you have proven yourself to be a friend of the fourth estate time and again... lets change it to:

there is eyen on miami, a blog
where they trash politicians like dogs....

then we can leave the herald out of it!!

keep up the good work...i didnt mean to offend.

there once was a man, rhyming fool
who used wit and rhyme as his tool
but they took him to task
and it made himself ask
maybe what i said was not cool


Geniusofdespair said...


How about:

There was a paper owned by McClatchey
That had a hard time reporting factually
Eyeonmiami pointed it out
The paper tagged them as louts
And that is the end of the story practically!

ugh. I am not a poet.

Anonymous said...

There once was a moderate from Nantuckett

Who said "Just..."

Anonymous said...

Martinez has been trying to bully the Hialeah Mayor and the Council members to support him and his campaign, so far only a couple have succumbed to his pressure. Its gonna be interesting to see how that plays out.

Anonymous said...

While LDB has been busy bringing bacon to South Florida , Martinez has been busy eating it, and it shows.