Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cloning Vile Natacha Seijas? By Geniusofdespair

Photo Illustration by Artist/Grove Activist, Harry Emilio Gottlieb, shows us how dangerous cloning can get!
(in response to the column below by Gimleteye).


Anonymous said...

Seeing Seijas' name together with Mayor Carlos Alvarez on the need for water conservation is something of a puzzle, in today's LTE section of the Herald.

Seijas single-handedly prevented Miami Dade Water and Sewer from entering the modern age, for more than a decade, in order to keep water costs "low" and promote the overdevelopment that has ruined Miami Dade and now is at the heart of the housing implosion.

Why can't voters in Hialeah understand what a destructive force she is?

Geniusofdespair said...

Because she supports breakfast and lunch programs. That adds up to votes. Remember the Seijas threat against Margolis, it was over cuts to the programs that gets the wicked Seijas votes.

Anonymous said...

She is a shrewd ? (should be screwed)
nasty bitch. Her public only cares what she does directly for them. Even if they really loose in the long run, they do not think that far ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, I used to snack at the computer in my office, I just moved my desktop into the bathroom.

out of sight said...

That photo is pretty funny. I wonder how he got her to dress up like that?

Oh wait. She doesn't normally have 2 heads.

Alvarez and Seijas together? You will see more strange bedfellows in the coming months. It is re-election campaign time.

Anonymous said...

Genius, That's what I call great photo artwork.
I must yield my previous offer to be your personal photographer
(re: That Aventura grocery store incident)

Mr.Gottlieb has the upper hand!