Sunday, December 23, 2007

What you can do about the Urban Development Boundary Now. by Geniusofdespair

Don't discount the Dept. of Community Affairs. The County Commission vote was to pass the Comp Plan ammendments to the DCA for review. The DCA need to get comments from the public. Send these two men an email with your comments:
and copy to

Comments should talk about the UDB line and why you think it is important for Miami Dade County.

You might talk about how the DCA is suppose to be the growth management agency, and ask them -- politely -- to manage our growth by listening to the opinions expressed by our professional Miami Dade County Planning Dept. and not the opinions of the majority of our political hacks who are puppets of developers and lobbyists.

A pefect sample letter is in the Miami Herald yesterday scroll down "County commissioners' priorities are misguided" to a letter by Alex Calderone. Thank you Alex for a very good letter! That is County Commission Chair Bruno Barreiro as the puppet on a string.


out of sight said...

Actually, both of the letters to the editor were good.

Everyone needs to think about the UDB, this crazy downtown plan and the nuke plant; none of it is good for us. And some of it can kill us!

Anonymous said...

Say No To A Port Tunnel
This is just 1 reason why....

The Interstate 5 freeway is closed in both directions at the Newhall Pass Saturday Oct. 13, 2007, as the truck route tunnel still smolders after a 15-truck pileup on the rain-slicked Golden State Freeway in northern Los Angeles County in Santa Clarita, Calif., late Friday.
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• Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Jason Hurd says it was a horrific scene.
• 5 trucks burn in Calif. freeway tunnel
A late-night crash in a Southern California freeway tunnel quickly turned into a fiery, chain-reaction pileup that mangled several trucks, killed at least two people and shut down the key north-south route as the wreckage burned into Saturday.
The crash late the night before involved an estimated 15 big rigs and possibly one or more passenger cars and sent people fleeing for their lives from the flaming tunnel. At least five of the trucks burst into flames, and the fire spread to the others. Ten people were injured.
"It looked like a bomb went off," said Los Angeles County firefighter Scott Clark, one of about 300 firefighters who battled the blaze through the night.
The bodies of two crash victims were found in the tunnel Saturday, said California Highway Patrol Officer David Porter. He couldn't immediately say whether one of them was a trucker listed as missing.
Firefighters could find more bodies as they explored the charred tunnel Saturday, said Los Angeles County Fire Department Inspector Ron Haralson.
The pileup in the southbound truck tunnel of Interstate 5 began about 11 p.m. Friday when two big rigs collided on the rain-slickened highway about 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. As crashes continued throughout the tunnel, which is about an eighth of a mile long, five tractor-trailers burst into flames, and the fire quickly spread.