Monday, October 01, 2018

Tallahassee court hears climate change lawsuit brought by the children ... by gimleteye

You may have read news this weekend that the Trump Administration buried its new acknowledgement of global warming in a massive transportation policy document. Basically, Trump says, the planet is going to be destroyed soon, so let's poison and party like it is 1984.

Believe it. We've never had a federal government and leadership as reckless as this.

For the generations who are going to struggle with an unimaginable shitstorm coming our way, we must do more.

Our Children's Trust and its youth plaintiffs are doing more; using state and federal law to hold government to account.

8 young Floridians need your support! Join @youthvgov in Tallahassee on October 4 to show your solidarity with youth plaintiffs in the climate lawsuit against the State of Florida. #youthvgovFL

  • Eight young Floridians need your support. Join Our Children's Trust in Tallahassee to show your solidarity with #youthvgovFL! Gather at 1 p.m. to welcome the young plaintiffs in Reynolds v. State of Florida, the youth climate lawsuit. Rally outside the courthouse after the hearing to support the youth as they exit and to hear a few words from them and their attorneys. The hearing is open to the public.

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