Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Comedy Central takes on Big Sugar, sort of ... by gimleteye

One interesting piece of news from this election cycle in Florida: Big Sugar’s campaign contributions  turned toxic. Except in the big money laundering scheme called political action committees.

Here is an interesting squiggle in state Democratic politics. Matt Dixon, for Politico, writes about Lauren Book — the attractive young daughter of the state’s top lobbyist, Ron Book — who is for some unexplained reason a rising star in the state senate.

Dixon writes that Book, sitting on a party war chest of a couple of million, has been unresponsive to the needs of struggling Democratic Senate campaigns. I’ll speculate why: there is some “ask” by the committees’ contributors. What would that “ask” be? I’ll speculate again: it would be on the order of  party discipline in delivering quad pro quos: the mother’s milk of American politics in the age of Citizens United.

Politico doesn’t venture into opinion, but I’d venture that the kind of grass roots activism that made Big Sugar’s money toxic in this election cycle makes the status quo very uneasy. One for all, and all for one?

Of course, Florida’s damaged tourism industry and reputation is directly linked to the fact the state is swimming in a sea of pollution, as a consequence of Big Sugar’s pollution of Florida’s waterways. The cartel operations of Big Sugar have controlled the state legislature for decades. Maybe Lauren Book needs a lesson plan how that worked, but not one scripted by her father.

And from Comedy Central today:

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