Friday, October 12, 2018

Michael E. Mann: "I think we can say that the storm is stronger, wetter and more impactful from a coastal flooding standpoint than it would have been BECAUSE of human-caused warming,” Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann wrote in an email. “And we don’t need an attribution study to tell us that in my view. We just need the laws of thermodynamics."

What can you do?

VOTE like your lives depend on the outcome, because they do.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore theorized on a TV appearance that warmer than normal waters close-in were responsible for "Michael" morphing from a CAT 2 to a CAT 5, in such a brief time. This kinda makes ya thinK: Should Floridians begin preparing for CATs 6 & 7? No doubt, waters off our coasts will likely continue this warming trend.

Perhaps best to build all new coastal homes up off the ground, able to withstand 250 mph winds. Limiting carbon and other toxic emissions would certainly be a step in the right direction. (If there was a deity watching over Florida, Mar-A-Lago would have been hit instead of the Panhandle.)

Anonymous said...

"Andrew" was a Cat 5. The destruction in Homestead was similar to that of towns in the Panhandle. Building codes were tightened following Andrew. Yet, it remains to be seen how well Homestead fares during the next major storm....

No doubt, building codes in the Panhandle will be tightened, though sane folks will consider the merits of rebuilding - or perhaps purchasing a home further inland.