Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Republicans For Alien Chemicals ... by gimleteye

Trump Republicans suppress evidence that real, unsafe borders are between alien chemicals and you.

A Republican White House and a Republican Congress don't care that toxic algae is overwhelming the nation's waterways, like in Florida and with Lake Okeechobee, because if they did, they would be doing something about the alien chemicals. They are not.

Sure, Central American M-13 gang members don't belong here, but chances are you will never meet any of them. On the other hand, you are surrounded by alien chemicals and your government is doing next to nothing about those threats to your safety, including cancer.

Some of the alien chemicals have long names like carbon dioxide or methylmercury.

Republicans don't want to talk about alien chemicals they refuse to regulate or enforce against. Your Republicans in state legislatures, the governor's office, or Congress don't acknowledge that the biggest defender of alien chemicals is Trump's EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, the most corrupt Trump White House official.

So much easier to target brown-skinned poor people than wealthy polluters who inhibit Trump from firing Pruitt.

Ever stop to think: the walls between the wealthy who can afford the best cancer care, triggered by alien chemicals, are even higher than the wall with Mexico? In the US you still can't get good, affordable cancer-care outcomes like other parts of the developed world.

Have a look at this chart and think about how hot it has been the past few years. The weather feels different. The seasons, different too. A too-hot-to-live in climate is all about alien chemicals we put in the atmosphere.

What the chart posted on Twitter says: based on scientific evidence, the current average global surface temperature is higher than any time since the dawn of humans. Temperatures are not going to lower because of those alien chemicals that Republicans defend..

Scientific fact: the last time carbon dioxide levels -- man-made through combustion of fossil fuels -- were so high, dinosaurs roamed the earth.

When you vote in November, keep in mind that one political party and its candidates not only refuse to acknowledge alien chemicals, they are actively engaged in accelerating unsafe borders between them and you and your family's health.

Vote as if your life depended on the outcome.

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Marty Baum said...

Thanks Alan. It is easy to see where the Repubs stand when ALL 17 Presidential Candidates campaigned on dismantling the EPA, and the one elected is doing that with the full cooperation of the Republican Congress. Sad.. DEMAND CLEAN WATER! It is your RIGHT!