Sunday, July 08, 2018

Melania Trump: Has her signature been forged by her husband? By Geniusofdespair

In a fundraising letter Melania Trump sent to my friend in New York, it appears the signature is forged. What do you think?

Donald Trump's Signature

Apparently others have also been struck by the similarity.  Here is what a handwriting expert said:

Well, Yahoo spoke to handwriting expert Sheila Kurtz, who was, quite frankly, amazed.

She has been studying Donald's handwriting for years reportedly, and this was her response to seeing Melania's own signature,

'Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing.'

Amazing? To be honest we thought it might be normal for people in relationships to gain certain similarities - they have been a couple for 19 years after all (12 of them married).

Apparently not, Kurtz explained that this was probably coordinated,

'This is stylized. Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it's] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.'

That seems fair considering how many things she probably has to sign everyday.

So Melania has been coached on how to sign her name.


Seth Bramson said...

That lowlife's entire life has been forged.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately she has to sign everything or be deported. After what he is doing to the immigrant children I can't look at him on TV any more. I turn it each time he comes on. I watch commentators only now.