Saturday, June 09, 2018

Vote For Eileen Higgins, County Commission District 5 ... by gimleteye

Democrat Eileen Higgins is taking on the wife of former county commissioner Bruno Barreiro in a June 19th runoff for District 5. Barreiro is another pair of hands, holding down taxpayers under water.

News arrives from the Miami Herald, that her husband's Congressional committee has donated $100,000 to his wife's campaign; making donors to Barreiro's bid the biggest donors to his wife.

How fucked up is that?

There is only ONE Point to know about Bruno Barreiro's run as a county commissioner: he was a reliable pro-development vote at every single turn that lead to the rampant traffic and chaotic growth that is imposing billions in unabsorbed costs on Miami-Dade taxpayers.

In other words, he was -- on the dais -- a mumbling disaster. Eye On Miami frequently cited Barreiro as a charter member of the "unreformable majority" of the county commission. (We strongly encourage District 5 voters to read our archive on Barreiro: it's a doozy.) The Herald report, in fact, cited Barreiro's "reliability" to the donor class.

Here is to hoping that District 5 voters get the point: we need an antidote to the political party that brought us Donald Trump, but we also need a practical voice of reason and sound common sense to strengthen the chance for meaningful change in Miami-Dade County.

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Anonymous said...

Higgins appeared on Michael Putney Ch 10 Sunday and was so much more knowledgeable of the needs of her district and really aware of the entire county's transportation needs ---Give her a big plus for District 5 and elect her.