Monday, June 04, 2018

Transit Hearing Wednesday at County Commission. By Geniusofdespair

Miami-Dade Metrobus, Metrorail and Metromover workers have been without a contract for more than three years - thanks to Mayor Gimenez and his staff.

The workers, members of Transport Workers Union Local 291, have been calling on elected officials to support public mass transit in Miami-Dade by increasing funding and increasing service that riders need so badly.

The traffic situation is getting worse - and public buses and trains are the answer.

Wednesday is the Board of Commissioners hearing on the contract dispute. 

Support our Union, support our transit, call your good for nothing County Commissioner and have them help the Transport Workers. They stood with us during a rally in Cutler Bay on February 3rd. Now stand up for them, help them get their contract. Conservatives would love to end our Unions but these organizations help our middle class get a living wage, in other words, Unions are the backbone of the dwindling middle class in America. Since the Republicans in congress recently were kind enough to give tax cuts to the wealthy Corporations, isn't it fitting that the middle class get something in return, like living wages and benefits for middle class members?

I am now without a car and these are the people I must rely on...if I can cross U.S. 1 in one piece to get to Metrorail. I can walk to Metrorail, I just can't get there safely to get to the County Commission Meeting Tuesday. What a bitch. But that is another post. I am doing my part to help traffic, I am one more person off the road, just like Eileen Higgins who is running for Bruno Barreiro's County Commission Seat, District 5. Vote for Eileen Higgins if you are in the district, if not, tell everyone in Miami Beach and Brickell that you know to Vote June 19th.  It is crucial to get the Barreiro dynasty out (his wife is running against Eileen).

Pictures of County Commissioners from the Transportation Summit:

Commissioner Xavier Suarez
County Commission Chair Steve Bovo
County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava

From Clarence Washington, president of Transport Workers Union Local 291:

“We’ve tried to bargain in good faith with the mayor, but he is obsessed with trying to break our union and hurt our working-class members, who are primarily African-American and Latino. He is making demands on TWU Local 291 that are much more onerous that what he demanded from other municipal unions. We’re hoping the Board of Commissioners recognize this irrational imbalance.”


Anonymous said...

Stop showing Levine-Cava, she is a complete waste of space. Like Sorenson she talks, gets zero support and talks some more.

X-man talks and never votes, loser.

Milly from Hialeah said...

The problem with a real transit solution is that Commissioner Bovo is really pushing it along with development, and that is wrong. They really do not want to fix anything - they just want to push this "rail" system SMART Plan (whatever they call it) to give handouts to their developers contributors and upzone where "THEY" do not live but we do.

They can start by finding direct bus routes from point A to B, and make driveways for buses to pull out of the road and back, and where people are safer and sheltered, and then vehicle drivers know that the bus gets the right a way when it gets back on the road.

We need road repairs here in East Hialeah, and sensible, smart developers who will do project that citizens will be happy with. Anyway, live near the railroad and it can get noisy (so if rail increases, you need the factories there to serve as buffer and people can go to work taking the rail).

Go to county hall and they will shut the mic or throw you out if they do not like what you have to say, plus only 2 minutes and no clapping. I believe in freedom of expression and respect for citizens opinion who live in affected areas by this transit development that will create future slums.

Will they hear the people? ...just look at the mega mall ...and remember that Commissioner Bovo is a Hialeah prodigy (and look at some of our city sectors and 4000+ apartments that are coming the Hialeah Park.

Yes, Commissioner Bovo - this lady who once believed in you now thinks you are a fake and do not really care about us. My neighborhood is still waiting for you (how long has it been, 10+ years ago)...

And I just needed to sound off . . . and will still be driving a car, because I like to BE FREE.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The old car = freedom meme.

So sitting in traffic for hours, I'm sure you're singing songs of freedom.