Thursday, June 07, 2018

Eileen Higgins Endorsed by the Miami Herald to be County Commissioner in District 5! By Geniusofdespair

Yes, Eileen Higgins really does use public transit.
Way to go Eileen! Eye on Miami also strongly supports Eileen Higgins. We need her vote on the County Commission -- as Tuesday's failure to override the Mayor's Veto proves.

From the Miami Herald Editorial:

Higgins’ strong showing at the polls was telling in this largely Hispanic district. She received 70 percent of that vote. Higgins admits some Latin voters have a difficult time pronouncing her name and she speaks just enough Spanish to get by on the radio, but she is unfazed. In fact, she is affectionately called La Gringa (“the American woman”) in some circles. “I just know that people want good governance; they’re not going to vote for just a Hispanic last name,” she told the Editorial Board.


“I ride public transit,” Higgins told the Board. She knows first hand the late buses, the operational challenges. “The cities are moving ahead of the county with circulators,” she said. “They’re cheap and [use] a smart-card purchase, so there are no delays.”

It’s part of Higgins’ practical philosophy to get things done: “Why wait for multibillion-dollar solutions?”

She also knows that there is a never-funded Housing Trust. Now that it has a board, she says, it can get to work raising funds that will draw down private money for affordable housing.

Higgins has spent quality time in several areas of service, teaching entrepreneurship to school children, advocating through PACT for gun-violence intervention as part of the Downtown Neighbors Alliance.


Higgins is full of energy and new ideas and a sense of duty to serve the public in the progressive style of former Commissioner Katy Sorenson. She has a smart, crisp and engaging appeal we have not seen in a long time. She can tell you which bus routes are underserved; she has realistic solutions to affordable housing and wants to make the county’s sea-level-rise resiliency effort “move faster.”

As the much-stronger candidate, the Herald recommends EILEEN HIGGINS for Miami-Dade Commission District 5.

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Anonymous said...

Ms Higgins will fit right in with Comm Cava and understand in depth the needs of their district voters