Tuesday, May 22, 2018

District 5 County Commission: Eileen Higgins ... by gimleteye

For many years, Miami Beach and the western edges of District 5 was under-served by Bruno Barreiro, whose place was cemented by campaign contributors from the development supply chain for his reliable affirmative votes on suburban sprawl.

Today's election is the rare instance (noted by Doug Hanks in the Miami Herald) of a county commissioner surrendering his/her seat and leaving a vacancy.

If you live in District 5, please vote Eileen Higgins. Read this interesting analysis of the district and candidates at MCI Maps.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ms. Higgins! She's a really sweet and intelligent lady. I just hope there are enough people who care more about her passion and ideas then the 4 years of living here.

Anonymous said...

Barreiro wins by name recognition alone. Sad to say that but it is what will happen.

Anonymous said...

I have met Mrs Barreriro and she is very underwhelming.