Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Democratic wave 2018 ... just in time maybe ... by gimleteye

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was given a special Vatican service; another dismal detail in the life of privilege that he secured in the Trump administration as a result of his commitment to dismantling the regulatory mission of the federal agency. The Vatican should have kicked him out.

How can one claim to be a Christian, if one is presiding over the dismantling of God's creation? Impossible. It is a fraud, pure and simple.

On Monday, a city in the southern part of Pakistan soared to 122.4 degrees (50.2 Celsius). The Washington Post writes, "This might just be the highest temperature ever reliably measured on the planet during April."

Jesus Christ -- and the Founders of our nation -- would have known exactly what to do with Trump, Pruitt, Pence and the rest: thrown them from the temple. From our legislatures and governor's mansions.

Yesterday we learned that the President of the United States dictated his health report to his physician. A pundit quipped on Twitter: we'll get to see true medical records at about the same time as we see his tax filings.



Anonymous said...

Worried about the upcoming midterm elections? Remember economic collapse of 2007/8. Wait for the kleptomaniacs administration pack their suitcases (yachts) with our money. Democrats are going to chase as many thieves as they did after that economic collapse. We are in for a crisis worse than the Great Depression only because of complacency and stupidity. Keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

I think the context needs to be established as People and Patriots versus Establishment and Failure. Unless you like Americans versus Americans which supposes we are not in this together and being divided is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

People and Patriots, Left and Right, Republican and Democrat. We don't need any of that. We need rationality, faith in humanity, freedom and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

John Podesta was phished by a 12 year old.

Anonymous said...

I believe Rudy's story of events with Trump's knowledge of payment, and agreement for reimbursement. The Trump/Cohen version where Trump had no knowledge, and Cohen took loans on his house and paid off the porno star without telling Trump and not expecting to be paid back as a good-hearted gift for Trump, does not make sense. The truth will all come tumbling out any day now.

The quicker he resigns, the less pain for him, his children, his family, and the country. The longer he waits the more people going to jail.