Monday, April 09, 2018

Do You Care About FPL Polluting Biscayne Bay? ... by gimleteye

Press Availability
April 10, 9AM
at Stephen P. Clark Govt Center, 111 NW First Street

WHAT: Press Conference at Miami-Dade County Commission. For its own reasons, the county commission is not allowing public comment at a very important meeting where, once again, the commissioners may rubber stamp what FPL wants at Turkey Point Nuclear. Since speakers are not being permitted, a group of local community and environmental organizations will hold a press availability before the Commission meeting begins, highlighting concerns about the Joint Partnership Agreement with polluter FPL at Turkey Point Nuclear, which unless strengthened, will have negative consequences for Miami-Dade County's water supply as well as Biscayne Bay and Biscayne National Park.

WHERE: Outside of the County Commission Chambers on the 2nd floor. Stephen P. Clark Government Center; 111 NW 1st Street; Commission Chambers; Miami, Florida 33128

1. Call Today, April 9th to Commissioners who serve on the Chairman's Policy Council. These are also the Commissioners who are co-sponsoring the JPA agreement.

Chairman Esteban Bovo: 305-820-8424
Commissioner Rebeca Sosa: 305-267-6377
Commissioner Dennis Moss: 305-234-4938
Commissioner Sally A. Heyman: 305-787-5999
Commissioner Jean Monestime: 305-694-2779
Commissioner Javier D. Souto: 305-222-2116

2. Attend the Press Conference. Please arrive before 9 am. The Metrorail is next to the location.

3. Share this information with your networks and on social media.


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Anonymous said...

When they ask the obvious question 200 years from now why FL had no solar energy production to speak of, let them remember the executives at FPL who personally profited from the demise and disruption of the FL peninsula and the homes and businesses of everybody living on it. Let us document this fact, let their decedents be shunned like the families of slave traders, and the descendants of Nazi party elite. Make no mistake, people will die, families will suffer for generations, the environment will be altered and this will be due to the decisions of real people alive today. People who know better and have the power to make different decisions but choose not to. Please let us remember their names so when the question is asked, "How could they have been so stupid? so greedy?" the answers will be known who were the greedy ones, who were the selfish ones, and who inherited that money!