Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez wants to be a Strong Mayor. By Geniusofdespair


Francis Suarez has filed for a change to City of Miami Government to a Strong Mayor. It is an Executive Mayor form of Government right now.  What the change would mean, he would be the City Manager and the Mayor.

Not a good idea. No more strong mayors. After watching Carlos Gimenez destroy the County as a strong mayor, bulling around everyone in County Government, putting in horrendous Department heads, handcuffing transit fixes, hiring people like Alive Bravo and giving favors to long time friends, I would never vote for a strong mayor again.

He is doing a petition drive, no recall provision in paperwork. He has hired a bevy of lawyers to help him. Huge power move.  Also a salary raise for the Mayor is involved.

What is with the armed guards at City Hall during Commission? What is the deal. Maybe the Commissioners should all carry guns and shoot each other.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? He's a right wing gop'er no matter no matter how much he tries to appear "presentable."

Anonymous said...

He is starting to look like a crime boss. Don't need anymore thugs running local government.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the county’s form of strong mayor government is that the same commissioners stayed in power. It creates corruption and confusion. Every commissioner has its own Kind of corrupt politics to disrupt government functions.

Ideally, the strong mayor would use the administration to carry out the directives of the board/council who represent the voice of the people. The Mayor and his office really do function as a full time operation and should be compensated as such, as well as held accountable as full time employees when considering any double dipping or conflicts of interest.

Most large cities in the United States use a strong mayor form of government. They key is to keep the legislators out of the operations and to keep the mayor’s execution of policy aligned with the intentions of the legislators.

Anonymous said...

Strong Mayor is working out in Florida City, Otis Wallace gets to keep his Key Largo waterfront home out of the spotlight as well as all (9) of his New Smyrna Beach properties.


Physical Address: 90 N BOUNTY LN, KEY LARGO, FL 33037

Anonymous said...

Bad idea. Francis Suarez needs more experience first. More importantly, he needs to get away from all the lobbyists and developers who control him. Let us see if Francis Suarez and his anointed City Manager can lower employee pay and benefits before the City goes bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

Voters should vote NO. No to too much power in the hands of a mayor. Look what happened when disgraced ex-Mayor Manny Diaz got in for eight years. He took over and the City almost went bankrupt.