Monday, April 16, 2018

Donald Trump's Approval Rating is Soaring and You are IGNORING a very important election RIGHT HERE, IN 36 DAYS. By Geniusofdespair

Yes we have about 1000 days until we can vote in a presidential election. But there is a very critical election coming in a little more than 30 days. You have to pull the rug from under him in every single race. Show your collective muscle.

Miami Beach and Brickell:

This is an election you cannot ignore. Alex De La Portilla and Zorida Barreiro, both established Republicans in a non-partisan race, think they can win because Miami Beach and Brickell will ignore the election. 

It is the County Commission seat District 5. WE NEED THIS SEAT TO CHANGE. Bruno Barreiro has held it for almost 80 years (feels like it). All of you  in the district must vote on May 22nd for Eileen Higgins. She is a Democrat. A really great activist. If I could hit you all over the head and drag you to the polls I would. We have fought too many County Commission battles over the years. PLEASE vote and put some sanity on the County Commission so we don't have to fight so hard.

We need everyone here to vote.

It isn't all about Trump. We have to vote in every election we can - local elections too - AND WIN, AND WIN, AND WIN. This is a total long shot, but if you know someone who lives in Brickell or Miami Beach get them to vote for Eileen Higgins. Word of mouth, Facebook, just get this information around.


Anonymous said...

Look at other polls. His approval ratings are skipping along the bottom.

Geniusofdespair said...

Yes, I know Rasmussen is Republican but that really isn't what this is about. We have to show him how unpopular he really is at the polls and this is the first test of Democratic might. As I said, pull the rug from under him one election at a time.

Anonymous said...

"Other polls" proclaimed she couldn't lose!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell your friends to vote for Eileen Higgins. Please we need smart new faces in power.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Dems should vote for Alex de la Portilla to try to turn over the seat. Alex will call out BS.

Eileen just doesn’t have enough political clout.
It is smart to put out the map. Many people do not even know which commissioner represents them or what the commissioners do.

I don’t see any incentives for those who benefit from Barreiro being in office to jump to someone knew. Eileen is going to pull votes from the only opportunity to change the seat from one political family to a different political family.