Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Delaney Reynolds and major Florida lawsuit: here comes Juliana~! ... by Alan Farago

Delaney Reynolds and Alan Farago at first March for Science 2017, Miami
(UPDATE April 17) Juliana v. US is a federal lawsuit brought by children represented by Our Children's Trust: the most important legal challenge against the U.S. government for its affirmative acts causing the crisis through perpetuating the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels, despite acute knowledge of the dangers in doing so.

Lawsuits have been filed in state courts too, and the latest is Florida; the state with the most to lose from sea level rise. Delaney Reynolds offers the following:
My name is Delaney Reynolds and I am a college student at the University of Miami's Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in Miami, Florida and founder of The Sink or Swim Project (miamisearise.com). I split my time between this vibrant, cosmopolitan area of nearly three million people and my second home on No Name Key, a 1,000 acre island filled with nature and 43 solar powered homes in the Florida Keys. 
First thing tomorrow, Monday April 16th, 2018, I will be filing a lawsuit against the State of Florida, Governor Rick Scott, and members of his cabinet to demand that they and our State take action to protect us, future generations, and our natural environment from carbon dioxide emissions that have created our climate change crisis.

I am proudly joined in this effort by a diverse group of youth from all over the State of Florida who share my concerns related to our climate change crisis including whether South Florida will even exist in a future confronted by sea level rise.

On Tuesday April 17th at 3:00 PM in Downtown Miami at the Miami-Dade County courthouse steps, I will be conducting a press conference along with my attorneys from Our Children's Trust and the other Florida children who are joining me as Plaintiffs in this case.

I am writing today to not only advise you of what is about to happen but to ask you to consider promoting it to your networks and to help me get as many people as possible to attend the event on Tuesday afternoon here in Miami. The press conference will include comments from some of the children, myself included, as well as some of our attorneys.

... As you might know, Our Children's Trust is active in suing a few other states, as well as our federal government and in that case, the federal case, it is set to go to trial in late October of this year. As you likely also know, the Colombian Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a group of children who had sued that country seeking that it protect the Amazon and climate in what is a historic case similar to the one that we are undertaking. As you have heard me say before, it is my belief that our planet's climate change crisis is the biggest challenge that my generation will ever face and thus, I feel that today's youth must take action to demand solutions despite the fact that the adults before us have overlooked or caused this problem.

Once again, thank you!

Delaney Reynolds
Founder & Activist
The Sink or Swim Project


Anonymous said...

This is a joke.

Anonymous said...

No, this is not a joke. This is another recent example of a smart and motivated young person who doesn't want to stand idly by while unprincipled "adults" ruin their future. Go for it Delaney!!

Caroline Lewis said...

Brilliant - the young people ought to be outraged and I love that they are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Go Delaney and all you splendid youth who are engaged! We are right beside you

Anonymous said...

This suit has absolutely no merit or legal foundation.

Anonymous said...

Is she related to Lara Reynolds?

Anonymous said...

No, she is not related to Laura Reynolds.