Thursday, March 22, 2018

Facebook does not exist for your pleasure: Remember that. By Geniusofdespair

 I decided to boost our brand "Eye on Miami" on Facebook  for some unknown reason. I do crazy stuff sometimes. I guess I am trying to get people to join the Eye on Miami Group on Facebook. Don't know what that is about? Neither do I, but look on the Right Side of this page there is a giant Facebook link to the Group. Hit it. Join it.

Well, back to the story, I am paying $2 a day for 3 days to boost the post on the left to see what happens. As you can see the $2 got me an extra 359 people in one day. The problem is, many, many of those people are trolls. I am now getting all this crazy troll stuff on Eye on Miami. And, I am getting Trump crazed gun people. Luckily it hasn't tainted the Group page only the Eye on Miami Facebook page. I didn't  do any boosting on the group page and I have to approve all the people that join.

 It is like when Castro emptied his prisons and mental hospitals during the Mariel Boat lift. Facebook has afforded me all their crazy people in getting me more hits. They must have a looney bin set aside for boosting posts.

So what am I getting at?

Facebook is not here for your pleasure. It is here to make money. It is all about the money, not your Kid's Birthday Party.

And, there are trolls all over Facebook. Get your privacy settings set up. I can see too many people's data. Get your whole date of birth off of facebook. Too much HONEST shit on your page. Make up some stuff.  And, damn it, don't sign in to anything with Facebook. They take your whole FRIENDS list when you do. It might be easy for you but you are selling me out and all your friends.

Good luck with Facebook. You need it. I am glad I sold my stock.


Anonymous said...

I have very little if any personal information on my page. Facebook is always trying to get me to "complete my bio" so "your friends can fine you." Hey, Facebook, my friends already know how to find me.

Anonymous said...

The only people that can see my stuff are friends. My name comes up in searches but only my profile pic. That's it.

Geniusofdespair said...

I got a guy who was a member since 2016 who belongs to 56 groups who wanted to join. I think something is strange on that guy. Refused his entrance.

Anonymous said...

For several decades in S. Florida, we now live behind community gates, strong house doors, surveillance, alarm systems, caller ID and pay some nebulous company to defend our financial security, wile at the same time have become so gullible to put our private lives out there to be marketed to our detriment.

Is this the nose rope we would furnish our self's, the soviets of yore dreamed about????

Anonymous said...

Facebook CEO is privacy obsessed in Silicon Valley, everybody who works on his house, domestic house, contractors are required to sign confidential agreements. Lies, scammers, and worse.