Friday, February 23, 2018

We Can't Vote Them Out in Miami If We Have No One To Replace Them and Don't Support Those We Do Have. Guest Blog By Ross Hancock

Readers of this site are very acquainted with the failure of Miami’s elected officials to represent the well-being and aspirations of constituents, whether in regard to ethics reform, social justice, the environment, traffic, over-development, utilities, housing, education or health care.

This week, traditional and social media alike trumpeted the disgrace of the eight Miami-Dade state representatives who blocked discussion of gun issues, right in the young faces of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors. Instead, these reps chose to debate a clawless bill on the health effects of porn.

The picture of the eight legislators, who owe more to the gun industry than to the families they serve, was widely shared on the news and social media, and everyone posted and proclaimed, “Vote them all out!”

But not one of the eight lawmakers has opposition. Not. A. Single. One.

Look at their pictures again. Do they have anything to fear from Democrats? Let’s examine each of their election prospects.

In House District 103, Manny Diaz will not run for reelection. He is termed out. He has filed to run in State Senate District 36, where he has no opponent. For the House seat he is leaving, there is no opposition to Republican Frank Mingo. Hillary Clinton won that district with more than 58% of the vote.

For House District 105, Carlos Trujillo has been nominated by Trump for a federal job and will not be up for reelection. A Democrat is running there who has raised almost $600. Accused criminal David Rivera is running there, too. Hillary Clinton won this district.

In House District 110, Jose Oliva is running unopposed, even though Hillary Clinton beat Trump by seven points in this district and it should be in play.

In House District 111, Bryan Avila is running unopposed for the November election. Hillary Clinton won this district.

For House District 115, Michael Bileca is termed out and will not run for reelection. Doc Solomon is running there.

In House District 116, Daniel Perez is running unopposed. Hillary Clinton won this district.

For House District 119, Jeanette Nunez is termed out. She has filed to run in State Senate District 39 in 2020, where she has no opponent. No Democrats are running in her open House District, in which Hillary Clinton destroyed Trump.

In House District 120, Holly Raschein is running unopposed for the November election. Hillary Clinton won this district, too.

So when our chests swell up with confidence and enthusiasm and admiration for the young people, and we shout, “Vote the bums out!”, we are really not scaring anyone. The bums are unopposed or termed out, and, unless something changes, they have nothing to fear from their constituents.

And Genius asks: If the Democratic Party doesn't step up to the plate at this critical time to help find and fund candidates...exactly what is their role?  They don't even cheer-lead correctly.


Ross said...

Here are the most recent NRA scores for the Miami eight:
Manny Diaz 93%
Carlos Trujillo 21% (“A” in 2010)
Jose Oliva 93%
Bryan Avila 93%
Michael Bileca 93%
Daniel Perez 93%
Jeanette Nunez 93%
Holly Raschein 100%

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the COWARD County electeds either.

Anonymous said...

Filing period for Florida Legislature is June 4 through June 22, 2018 -- there is still time.

Gimleteye said...

Great post. Thanks, Ross.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by Holly Raschein. She is a young mother.

Sad to see Daniel Perez vote this way. He could have been a stand up guy as such young, fresh blood. It would have been great to see a young Republican man who didn’t get suckered into the boys’ club party...

The rest? No surprises... and no, these seats have nothing to fear from the Dems. The democrat party is lacking. The GOP has reared a tighter knit group and been consistent in their methods to be successful. Democratic candidates who win, do so by paying for the left political machine boss consultants.

I get the idea that the GOP doesn’t withhold their politician machine for only the richest candidates. They use their political machine more readily to keep their seats secured.

Ross said...

Following up on this, as of March 9, a Democrat is now challenging Raschein, and a Republican is challenging Perez.