Friday, February 16, 2018

Transit: Metro Mover Sucks. By Geniusofdespair

First time I took the metro mover was last night about 7 pm. The metro mover I was on stopped at a station and remained stopped. The minutes passed. It turned to a quarter hour. People were leaving in drips and drabs. My though turned to the Clash Song: "Should I Stay or Should I Go." No information to speak of, like an announcement that it will be rectified shortly. Giving up, I decided I should go. No sooner did I get out of the car, the doors closed and it went. Why not an announcement like "We are resuming service"? There is only one track up there so you are at their mercy. You either go back to the street in some zany place or you hope the line starts running again.

Roulette with commuters. Can't do that. I was due somewhere at a certain time. Remember: MY FIRST TRIP. I ended up taking a Lyft through traffic. Streets were closed all over the place. It took me an hour to get a few blocks. Why didn't I walk you might ask? I was with a person afraid to walk in downtown. Nightmare!


Anonymous said...

Like everything Miami the county wants to destroy what we built.

Anonymous said...

Your experience is why Twitter and social media are critical. It needs to be immediately reported and reviewed so this
Gets fixed.