Tuesday, February 20, 2018

State Legislature: From The Annals Of Government Designed To Fail ... by gimleteye

If you've been at this, as long as we have: nothing surprises you.

Gov. Rick Scott, raising money to take on Senator Bill Nelson, and the aspirants to fill in behind him -- including Representative Matt Caldwell who wants to be Ag. Secty and Ag. Secty Adam Putnam who wants to be governor -- are all poised to do the maximum damage to the public interest that they can. Practically speaking, that means taking full advantage of President Trump's agreement to shovel federal regulatory authority, in whatever shape, form or size, into the dustbin of history.

The triumph of "states' rights" puts Florida Republicans in the drivers seat, which is a much more comfortable position to be than the roller derby where team sport rules apply.

SB1402/HB7043, as originally filed, would allow the state of Florida to pursue wetland permitting under the federal Clean Water Act Section 404. These bills pave the way for the state of Florida to take on the federal Clean Water Act authority of issuing 404 “dredge and fill” permits (the authorizations needed to destroy wetlands for development).

The measure is being proposed in the name of streamlining and efficiency, (jobs! jobs! jobs!) but if it is passed into law, would virtually guarantee that environmental review and protections of wetlands will disappear.

Florida is already witnessing the efforts of the state to marginalize federal consent decrees and agreements protecting the Everglades. There is far worse ahead, if the state (and big campaign funders) get their hands on the wetlands permitting process.

Click this link for the contact information for the Miami-Dade legislative delegation.

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