Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Roped some Local Dopes on Facebook. By Geniusofdespair


You have to remember this was a discussion about transit in South Miami:

Republican Guy said:

The two major goals the $1.5T infrastructure plan our President (Yes, OUR President) spoke about in the State of the Union were rebuilding the infrastructure and speeding up the permit approval process. Seems to me he's throwing out our life rafts and all we have to do is have elected officials that actually climb on in order for their constituents to survive. But that takes visionary (rather than reactionary) leadership that we apparently don't have in place right now......

Me with My Chinese(actually Korean) sounding Last Name "Lee" said:

Mr. Johnson he is not my president I am a green card resident from China here because I have skills you Americans don’t. You make so many assumptions about people.

Really Dopey Republican Gal said:

So “your” president is better? (I am assuming here she means in China, note she missed the real insult to her about dumb Americans)

Me to the Gal:
did I say that? I don’t believe I said that.

Republican Guy Replies:

Welcome to our country > we need MORE LEGAL immigrants like you > and by the way, if you have a green card, President Trump IS your President > he is espousing enhanced legal immigration.

Me to the Guy:
I guess you are accurate. Green cards for people like me who take your highly skilled jobs but no longer for people who take your farm jobs.

The Gal to Me:
you distance yourself from emancipation how’s your guy doing?

Me to the Gal:
My guy? My husband is fine thank you.

The Gal to Me:
no the guy China elected president....oh wait

So she is left feeling very clever because she thinks I am ruled by a communist, i.e. no election. She meanwhile misses all the points about immigration I was making and the insults towards American expertise.

So fucking stupid.


Anonymous said...

In fact, none people are around an excessive amount of recently.
Too busy.

Anonymous said...

spend your time on much more fruitful endeavors than arguing on Facebook...

Geniusofdespair said...

First of all it is rude to tell someone how to spend their time. Second, does this sound like an argument. It doesn’t to me.