Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Philip Stoddard is Still South Miami's Mayor. By Geniusofdespair

With 6 precincts in, I would say it is a slam dunk for Philip Stoddard. I guess Disbarred Steve Cody's misuse of the Me-Too movement in a robocall turned other people off, not just me. I didn't like the Me-Too card played so blatantly to try to get a political advantage.

Final tally 929 Feliu and 1,227 for Philip. In group one might be a runoff don't know how South Miami works. But Luis J. Gil was the top vote getter, final at 28.89%. Sandra DiMarie-Vivar got 20.87%.  In group four neither candidate got over 50%. Walter Harris got 49.26% (1,028) and Mark Lago got 47.01% (981). I guess that is a run-off too.

Mayor of South Miami Philip Stoddard

Not final, one precinct missing - Close enough.

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