Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Not your imagination: this winter has been really, really hot ... by gimleteye

On Twitter from Brian McNoldy, at UM Rosensteil.

“The avg temperature over the past 4 weeks in #Miami is 76.5°. That obliterates the previous record high avg temp for February (74.9°), and is *66 DAYS* ahead of climatology. In other words, Feb 1-28 of this year was the same as Apr8-May5 in an average year! #Climate #SummerIsHere. “

Separately: a recent satellite image from the western side of Florida Bay choked with algae. A bloom covers pretty much the entire bay extending well out in the the Gulf of Mexico. This is NOT NORMAL and yet the GOP Congress, Senator Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott continue to DENY the need for change. 

In November 2018, voters need to #VoteThemAllOut.

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