Thursday, February 08, 2018

NBC 6 Local Weather Gets It On Global Warming: Props ... by gimleteye

NBC 6 in Miami appears to have made a momentous decision, allowing its weather reporter to link our bizarre, hot winter to climate change and global warming.

The controversy has been on boil for years, framed as a question: why aren't weather reporters -- who have more than a passing knowledge -- out in front on linking for the public the connections between extreme weather events (which news stations avidly follow) and climate change?

The answer is easy: major advertisers like car manufacturers, gasoline and electricity producers don't like the implications of global warming to their business models. So the news, rather than report science and fact, follows business-friendly scripts to encourage the passivity of consumers.

It took the Miami Herald many, many years to shift its position on global warming. It is good to see the weather segment on local television news shift.

Climate change is real. It is happening. Not only have we experienced the warmest winters in record, in recent years, there is NOTHING in the forecast to suggest that weather will revert to normal.

Now if only the Frost Museum of Science in Miami, whose benefactor is a climate change denier, would focus on the science of the greatest threat to civilization.


bob said...

Here we are in February and ski resorts in the Central and Southern Sierra Nevada in CA are mostly barely open or closed entirely. Yes, it's a first world problem for me but for the owners and idled employees it's a disaster of Dust Bowl proportions. With snowpacks running 30% hydroelectric power will be reduced and we'll be using more natural gas--negative feedback loop.

Anonymous said...

You're writing about the easy stuff Alan, and the choir already knows this stuff. Try something more complicated and difficult. Like focusing on how to salvage what's left of coastal south Florida and the Keys. The daily decisions locally that continue to wreck havoc on marine resources. Get after the agencies that are making bad decisions daily with no public oversight or concern. The cumulative impact of it all is disastrous and you're happy that a news station mentions climate change. Geez. Time to ramp it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

What hot winter?

Gimleteye said...