Thursday, January 18, 2018

We will never get rid of Teflon Don. By Geniusofdespair

All the Democrat hand-wringing will never change our being stuck with Donald Trump "Teflon Don".  No matter that Trump Supporters don't acknowledge that Obama's hands were tied by an obstructionist Congress, that vowed to NOT support anything he put forward.

Trump supporters will back this president no matter what and they don't give a lick what he does that is inappropriate. In fact, they love it. They give him credit for everything getting done that they love. It is the second coming as far as his supporters are concerned. Big fucking deal he is a racist. They are racists too.

You can read this, if you dare to hit on it, warning it will depress you.


Anonymous said...

Give Donald one more year and he will prove beyond reasonable doubt his aim to destroy American democracy to solely benefit the elite. The sheeple will continue supporting him because they desire to feel as though they are part of and beneficiary of the elite's success to entirely destroy the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Just as Hitler took down parts of Europe; "it" and "its" lemmings have already destroyed and will continue to destroy many things in this wonderful country. Many of us saw "its" rise years before the general populations recognition. The unfortunate thing is that most allies will no longer come to the aid of this nation... and who can blame them..."it" has ruined any hope of assistance. "it" has made America a not so great country. Do not give any time to anything that voted "it" in.

Anonymous said...

Well, now he has orchestrated the official "Trump Government Shutdown". The stock market will tank, hundreds of thousands of people won't be able to work and get paid, all kinds of government provided services won't happen, and tons of money will be lost. We need some multipliers so we can calculate the amount of money lost each day of the Trump Shutdown. For example if we could get some estimates of Xs from various sectors, we can easily see the financial impacts ion jobs and money lost to the economy. What happens when the largest buyer in the world shuts down? Well, I guess if Putin wanted to destroy America, he is doing a good job with Trump. America's greatest enemy is our President.