Friday, November 17, 2017

Democrats: STAY ON MESSAGE For God's Sake! By Geniusofdespair

When we stay on message, we communicate exactly what we want our audience to know. We create harmony between our words, visuals and actions and we deliver a clear, powerful and irresistible call to action.
Ask any Republican any question, and they will answer: Crooked Hillary, Fake News, or Make America Great Again. They won't even talk about Moore they will throw Bill Clinton at you. To the Republicans: If you don't talk about it, it just doesn't exist for them.

Ask a Democrat any question and they will answer differently. They have no coherent message. This is all Democrats should be saying this week:

1. The Proposed tax reform is for the super rich and Corporations not people.
2. Health Care reform cuts pre-existing conditions and will cost the regular folks more.
3. Roy Moore is a serial sex predator of young teenage girls. A disgrace.

Is that so hard? Can you not stick to those 3 points for one friggin' week? Instead you trash your own Senator, the most effective we have, in the name of self righteousness..."We don't want to be like them" you say.

The Republicans will blast our Senator if you don't foolishly do it for them. Let them do it, not you dummies.

Learn Republican speak or you are just going to keep losing our country's riches, environment and well-being... and perhaps even the planet.



Anonymous said...

It's good advise. I hope it is implemented.

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Anonymous said...

Messaging and campaigning is nothing other than salesmanship, marketing in the short term. Problem is lack of an ideology. Sound ideology creates lasting results through outrage cast in the ballot box. What are the ideologies of the two parties? I think the system has forced them to be very similar.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Russia?