Wednesday, November 29, 2017

3 Reasons We Wish The Republican Party Would Shrivel Up And Die ... by gimleteye

1) The tax bill racing through Congress is a gift to the wealthiest Americans, a massive blow to the middle class, and adds at least $1.5 trillion to the deficit. In other words, the bill supported by a Republican Congress goes against the grain of everything that same Republican Congress promised to Republican voters. Yet Donald Trump is out there touting the bill without any clue what is really inside it and without waiting for Congressional budget analysts to present formal findings of fact.

2) Threat of nuclear war with North Korea is growing, and Donald Trump's "deal making" with Russia and China -- the rogue nation's constant supporters -- is going nowhere.

3) Donald Trump believes -- he really does -- that the Mueller investigation of the Trump White House including obstruction of justice and links to foreign interference in the 2016 election by Russia will be over by the end of December. He's not only dreaming, his fantasy world trigger a constitutional crisis the likes of which this nation has never seen. The Republican leadership could bring this disgraceful presidency to a close, quickly, to spare the nation the pain. It won't. There is enough in the public record to impeach Trump now. For a timeline by Bill Moyers & Co., click here.

The only hope: that American voters freely and independently come to the conclusion to eject Republicans from office, wherever they are nested. Only a massive rebellion at the ballot box by American voters in every state will avert an authoritarian future and breakdown of democracy.


Geniusofdespair said...

Maybe the voting public would eject the pubs if the Democrats gave up some of the extremes on their platform. Something's gotta give.

Anonymous said...

Neither the dems (nor their platform) are hardly extreme--they have been dragged (in many cases all too willingly) to the right since Raygun and are now like the Rockefeller gop'ers of the 1960's

Anonymous said...

On the tax plan. I heard a Repub politico talking the same old gibberish about trickle down this morning on NPR. Can't remember who it was.

The host asked him, "if the Democrats passed a tax plan that increased the deficit by trillions, you would oppose it. What is different?"

The response, typical drivel. "Well we need to stimulate the economy. It's been stagnant for 8 years and this will help."

Blah, blah, blah

Milly from Hialeah said...

Nancy cares about doing what's right, so regardless what political party affiliation she belongs to, it would not matter. If I lived in her district, I would support her because I got to know her personally and know she cares. When someone comes out of their community and comfort zone to help others fight for a good cause, that says a lot about that person, and Nancy did just that for people in Hialeah . . . I, for one, will never forget that.

Tax reform is needed, and we need to offer large corporations incentives to bring jobs back. In exchange, we hope they can offer more jobs here at home with better pay and benefits. So, we have to give the Republicans this opportunity. Obamacare needs a lot of fixing. Those who disagree did not fall victim of it.

I am also an Independent - a Democrat when it comes to Public Education, caring for our vets, and saving Social Security and Medicare for the elder population. But, I am a Republican when it comes to supporting jobs here at home, helping businesses grow, and make people more independent of government help. We all deserve to be truly free. The opposite is how government controls you and your vote.

Be free!

Anonymous said...

I don't know - seems like the current administration seems to know what it's doing regarding the economy

David said...

It is instructive that when a group with differing political views are kicking liberals asses so hard you have to part your hair to take a shit, they start wishing death on their rivals, figuratively and literally.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff is a Republican. Need I say more?