Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transit March Yesterday: We can all agree transit is a hot mess. By Geniusofdespair

Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Alice Bravo, head of transit, were called out about the problems the community is having with the South Dade Transportation System under their leadership. Bus routes have been reduced and rail is a passing blip on the Mayor's radar screen, if it is still there at all, I think South Dade Rail is dead to him.

A march was called by State Rep. Kionne McGhee and others joined in including the Chair of the County Commission Steve Bovo and the NAACP.

Traffic is the biggest problem plaguing South Florida. I take the metro rail all the time to get to Dadeland and restaurants South of me.  The drive at rush hour is too slow. To get to this Transit march yesterday was torture.

State Rep. Kionne McGhee

Don't make me name them all...Daniella Levine Cava was there but she is not in this photo. They  are all calling for better Transit to end the gridlock.
Liked this demonstrators shirt....and smile.

We took a break inside when it started to rain.

Protesters not sending any love to Alice Bravo, Mayor Gimenez's Transit Czar.
County Commission Chair Steve Bovo

Transit Union was there.
Our Future U.S. Congresswoman in District 26 Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (get a new name, too hard, Pronounce: Moo-Car-Sell) with our New State Senator Annette Taddeo
You really have to vote for Debbie MP. DEMS NEED SEAT 26, Homestead, Florida City, Redland.


Anonymous said...

All the successful public transportation modes and systems I know, have this one thing in common: A committed bureaucratie and politicians absolutely committed to financial funding over decades and decades.
Why? Because few if any system are self supporting.

Anonymous said...

Public transportation is a public safety issue in hurricane evacuations. Imagine orderly evacuation by zip codes to the new Central Station in downtown instead of fourteen hour car trip to Orlando as it actually occurred during Irma.

Anonymous said...

The proponents are now playing the race card, it seems. Mass transit is no longer a class or race issue. It is a quality of life and economic issue across the board. It's more than just enhancing the south end of the existing line. We have to have some sort of spurs out west to collect riders. Sit at the Turnpike and watch the traffic get on and exit at Coral Reef Drive, every morning and afternoon, for example. Development is nearly to Krome on Kendall Dr.

Anonymous said...

Too late, poor planning from the start doomed public transit. When developers control the politics this is what you get, terrible planning. The cost would be astronomical and the effort would fail.

Anonymous said...

LOL.....Dont make me name them all.....but of course we pointed out Levine Cava.......even if she is not in the picture.

Geniusofdespair said...

Maybe I don't like all the posers in that photo so why give them publicity and I don't know 1/2 of them.