Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good Morning, Miami~ by gimleteye

1) The Republican Party now belongs to Donald Trump. It is to blame for creating conditions that propelled Trump to the White House: a political culture built on stirring the fears and anxieties of the American people. Slash and burn tactics gave rise to a toxin spreading through democracy.

2) From : A dark money organization that spent $7 million to block former President Obama’s Supreme Court pick received just three donations between 2015 and 2016, but one transaction really counted: A single $17.9 million contribution from a mystery donor.

The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), a Washington, D.C.-based conservative nonprofit, saw its revenues explode as it ran ads thanking Republican senators who successfully prevented Merrick Garland, Obama’s pick to replace Antonin Scalia, from receiving a confirmation hearing. It also sent millions of dollars to nonprofits that worked to elect conservative state judicial candidates and attorneys general. Earlier this year, JCN spent $10 million on ads to help secure Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.

The organization’s most recent tax return, covering July 2015 to June 2016, shows JCN’s anti-Garland spending spree was fueled by three contributions. The $17.9 million donation accounted for 96.6 percent of its revenue. Before the donation, the organization had never reported more than $6 million in revenue since its 2005 creation.

3) Trump's U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft says she believes 'both sides' of climate science."

If this doesn't go viral, explain why.


Anonymous said...

Best Democracy money can buy, comes to mind.

And this is what we fight , wave flags for and are sooooo proud to export all over the world.

Seams to me, other nations are entitled to pursue they're own "perfect" union pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are definitely buying in. I suspect most of the lawsuits generated by Gov. Scott, and even Ag. Commissioner Putnam are farmed out to their legal supporters:

Democracy on a spending spree, I would add, given the substance of some of the above lawsuits. (Is milk without added vitamins, an imitation milk?? Really, Adam?)