Sunday, October 01, 2017

Donald Trump Takes A Swipe at San Juan Mayor This Morning. By Geniusofdespair

...and let's not forget North Korea because our tweeter-in-chief never does:

"Wonderful"? I suppose he realizes he has over-used "Great" but "Wonderful" isn't that a girlie adjective?

 Has anyone counted the number of times he used GREAT on twitter? Apparently someone is keep track, in his first 100 days these are the words he tweeted most:

Love Song to Puerto Rico by Mark Anthony:


Anonymous said...

OK we have a problem getting the military in there. We have to move on. Our focus mostly has to be on saving lives now. We need food and water drops to those in isolated cut off areas. If a not-for-profit could coordinate a helicopter operation with one with food and water, maybe they could do the drops to these areas while we simultaneously fight for proper US involvement.

In Miami-Dade county we need to start developing our plan to deal with the mass exodus from the island. We need an emergency planning meeting this week to get our proposed plan on paper. Remember the Cuban exodus? It should be easier as they are Americans and they speak English. While we know some will go all over the country, a large percentage of them will come here. We need to try to make this as smooth and as organized as possible. Because of the situation on the island, the Health Department must take a critical role in developing the plan. The longer they stay there with no food or water, death will come along with lots of diseases. We have to get there - to the immediate future- before we get there.

Anonymous said...

He is unstable, dangerous and capable of starting a nuclear war any day. His statements and demands are outragious and his lack of diplomacy is becoming more evident every day. No, I'm not referring to the North Korea premier. I'm referring to our current president who has made a mockery of our highest office.

Anonymous said...

"little rocket man" is smart to pursue a nuclear weapons program against this brain damaged, evil bastard Nazi tRump, who is truly a dangerous threat to everyone on the planet

Anonymous said...

Today great big American jobs, people, thank fake news media country.

Anonymous said...

There is no way US would start a war with North Korea or vice versa, we lost in Iraq, will lose in Afghanistan and lost in Syria already. The whole debacle is about China's South China Sea geopolitics which if successful would bring Taiwan to China's fold eventually. However the sheeple will continue being aroused by Agent Orange Man and Rocket Man's demagoguery.