Monday, September 25, 2017

Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach is a Hell Hole? By Geniusofdespair

One only has to go to the very poorly run Welcome Center at the facility. It is ugly and old too. Yes you might run into Tibor Hollo there as I did, but then he gets to go ahead of you so he is long gone before you are.  They actually changed my sign-in time there to let their friend go ahead of me. I hope it was worth it lady because it got your hospital this blog. What a bunch of cheaters.

I have been going to Mount Sinai Miami Beach since 1992 and now I just can't take it anymore. The Breast Center is good, Dr. Rosen is good (ran into Roy Black in his waiting room), and a few others. But this facility has gone downhill so far it would be hard for there to be a comeback. I stayed in the hospital once and they put me in with a screaming crazy woman who accused me of stealing her phone charger. Just what you need, more stress in a hospital.

 I already switched a few of my doctors to Baptist.

Jay Phillip Parker CEO of Douglas Elliman, President of Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation. I hope they put up a big plaque for him in the hallway near the cafeteria.

I am switching all of my doctors (except my GYN)  to the far superior Baptist and U. of M. Facilities. They are nicer to their patients, they care. They smile.  My husband loves Doctors hospital. He just had a rotator cuff operation. That facility is not as depressing as the aging Mount Sinai.  And when you give money to Mount Sinai you get a useless plaque in the hall. They don't do much good with the money.

Try complaining to someone at Mount Sinai Miami Beach, no one will listen. There is no one to complain to. Maybe this Blog with almost 8,000,000 hits can make some noise for the voiceless that have suffered some indignity at Mount Sinai Miami Beach.

If you like the place, do tell why in comments. But my opinion is Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach SUCKS.

No plaque for you Mr. Steven D. Sonenreich CEO Of Mount Sinai Medical Center. Spend the Day in your Damn Welcome Center.


Bessie said...

I agree 100% plus that Mount Siani has gone down down down hill. I am too far from Baptist. I go to Memorial in Hollywood. Better, Much better.

Anonymous said...

Baptist is not great. I too am hooked on Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I had a private room at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Rose P said... Memorial:

If there's anything less than a one star, thats what I would've given them. The two nurses I had was very rude and belittling. Everytime I asked a question it was a problem. Lasey who was one of the two nurses was not as bad as Chelsea. Chelsea screamed at me when I asked a question, and than told me thats how she speaks. To punish me they had me wait four hours for a CTscan. I was on a bed in the hallway with several other patients, and they discussed everyone diagnosis in front of everyone NO PRIVACY AND SCREW THE HIPPA LAW cause these nurses didn't care. Chelsea was really mean and rude. This use to be one of the best hospital's to go to when you have an emergency. I wouldn't bring a dog to this place. Someone needs to find out why these two nurses are so rude, cause they clearly have no bedside manners. I hope someone in leadership reads this review, cause I will never visit this hospital again, I would rather die.

Anonymous said...

Jay Phillip Parker, Realtor, has he ever been to this hospital?

Anonymous said...

Mount Sinai is the only game in town for we guinea pigs on Miami Beach. It will go underwater with the rest of us. I agree it is on a downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Do we have any good hospitals?

Anonymous said...

did my chemo/radiation at Mt Sinai. individual doctors were good, but billing and communication between departments is not.

probably going to go to Mercy for having a kid.

I never had any issues at the welcome center. Longest wait was maybe 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

They never answer their phones at Baptist.

Anonymous said...

American Horror Story season 8! Better to impale oneself on a rusty rake, wait for tetanus to set in and wait for the Grim Reaper than walk through their doors.

Anonymous said...

UM has really streamlined their process over the years. Their computer system is finally integrated properly. Their new facility at the campus on Ponce is beautiful with a harp player in the lobby. If you want to see Roy Black, just go to Greenstreets on Saturday morning.

Geniusofdespair said...

It wasn't about response time at the welcome center it was about them changing the log in and the general bullshit there.

sundayniagara said...

My son watched his landlady die in Mt Sinai & he called it a pigpen.

However, a doctor friend, who is an exec at Baptist, called Mt Sinai a great hospital.

Go figure?

Anonymous said...

Miami Beach has a high concentration of complicated events that happen to tourists and residents. The service received is indicative of a greater problem. If I were a resident of Miami Beach I would look at the older police department annual reports. Specifically, you are looking for the police records of real estate closings. You should also be looking to see if hospitals on a barrier island are evacuated during a hurricane.

Anonymous said...


TO: Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager
FROM: Deede Weithorn, Commissioner
DATE: May 15,2014
SUBJECT: CORRECTION: Discussion item R9H

Please correct discussion item R9H, and replace it with the following discussion item:

Discussion regarding the funding of the expansion (approximately double the size) of the
Emergency Department at Mt. Sinai, and the creation of on Emergency Management Office for the City of Miami Beach (April 23, 2014 Commission Item C4N)(193), and
the City's potential contribution of $l5 million dollars.

"Section 1 The City is hereby authorized to provide Mount Sinai with a grant, to be
funded as provided in Section 2 below, in the principal amount of $18,750,000, paid in equal
principal payments of $1,250,000, million over a l5-year term (the "Grant Contribution").
Provided the City and Mount Sinai successfully negotiate the final terms of, and execute, the
Grant Agreement and Lease Agreement, the term of the Grant Agreement shall commence at the
start of the City's 2014-2015 Fiscal Year. The Grant Contribution shall be used for the sole
purpose of reimbursing Mount Sinai for costs associated with the Project."

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the facts should be more accurate, calling the department BEHIND the welcome center "Welcome Center" shows you did no research. Since you paid so much attention to the useless plaques maybe you should read the name posted in the department where you claim to have been cheated.... im sure you will see another name not The welcome Center. thought the hospital is dated and does need improvement in many areas, ive never had any issues with the ACTUAL welcome center and have been a patient here for while. The staff in the actual welcome center is kind, friendly and always go beyond for the patients, and the fact that they never let us wait longer than 5m if it could be helped, like someone else mentioned the longest i waited was 10m and not even, that is the greatest when you want to spend less time in a hospital. Dont bash everyone just because you had a bad day, everyone there is not bad, and if i had to rate any place on quality of the people working there it would be "THE WELCOME CENTER/INFORMATION" the correct one, check the names on the door before reviewing poorly, they are everywhere like you claim. Not attacking simply stating fact.

Geniusofdespair said...

I didn’t have a bad day. One bad apple can spoil someone’s day. Think about that. I spoke to the head of the welcome center that day.